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2 Jun 2020

There are exciting times ahead at DPC Towers. In fact, with Penny and Phil, there are always exciting times ahead. Both constantly strive to learn and improve and take their already amazing business to the next level. And the next, and then the next…

But what does this mean for you? Crucially, the approach and welcome are still genuinely warm and totally reassuring. DPC is still operating-theatre clean with hospital-grade hygiene. The treatments are still innovative, industry-leading, and highly effective. Those aspects haven’t changed and never will. Find out more click here.

Level Up with Penny

In fact, the exciting times aren’t about to change, as such. More adding, improving – and expanding. For Penny, that means furthering her already impressive qualifications. She’s now level 4 qualified – a true skin guru – and has been hand-picked by Skin Group International to take her talents and expertise to their Harley Street clinic.

And that’s not all. Penny published a how-to book for clinic owners, she’s a speaker for various clinical brand vendors and delivers her specialist Bloom sales training. She’s also released her podcast which is well worth a listen – it’s crystal-clear how much she enjoyed creating and recording the two first episodes. Penny discusses life, love, happiness and much more with her typical trademark candour and wit. Each ends the episode with a soothing guided meditation.

Don’t Stop Moving

Does she ever stop? Not often! As well her utter dedication to all things skin, she’s determined to raise industry standards one clinic at a time. Next step is Penny Dee Skin Goal – an exciting and comprehensive range of clinical-grade, cosmeceutical class skincare. Working remotely with chemists, this has been one of Penny’s projects throughout the uncertainty of the Covid crisis. Sit on her laurels and wait for the world to start again? Not Penny.

Team Building

Becky Stafford joined Team DPC over a year ago now, and her state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment is immensely popular. Becky also has several strings to her bow and delivers superb treatments, too. Like Penny and Phil, she knows her stuff inside-out but is also refreshingly down-to-earth and friendly. The perfect fit is not easy to find when your business is everything to you, but Penny and Phil struck gold with Becky.

Soon to join the team is Grace, another expert in all things skin, and another downright lovely person with just the right welcoming touch and reassuring manner. She’ll hit the ground running with her experience in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and the incredible fat-busting, skin-tightening cavitation treatment.

Art Imitating Life

Phil, too, continues to learn and further perfect his art. As well as custom semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick, Phil has continued to develop his scalp-micro pigmentation, scar camouflage and amazingly realistic areola reconstruction. Every aspect of Phil’s artistry is tailored minutely to each, individual client to ensure the perfect results.

Welcome Back

DPC is an oasis in a busy, bustling village. Time spent there is your time. Although plush and with a feeling of elegance and luxury, there is absolutely no pretentiousness or ostentation. The treatments are attainable and the approach no-nonsense. The consultations are thorough to ensure the results are ideal. The clinic is so sparkling clean that is already exceeded requirements and is already JCCP post-COVID compliant.

The COVID crisis has caused a hiccup, sure, but if anyone can regroup and come back better, it’s Penny and Phil and their team. And we can’t wait!


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