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6 Sep 2018

Penny and Phil Davis are the brains and talent (as well as energy and effervescence) behind the acclaimed Davis Permanent Cosmetics and DPC Skin Therapy Clinic. Based just down the road from Cheadle Hulme, in Cheadle village, we ALL know someone who swears by Phil’s artistry or Penny’s expertise. That someone will also enthuse about the sheer fabulousness of the couple, along with their reassuringly down-to-earth approach and genuine warmth.

Davis Permanent Cosmetics
Operating under the DPC umbrella, Phil heads DPC Permanent Cosmetics and Penny’s the go-to authority on all things skin and skin care at DPC Skin Therapy Clinic. Totally friendly and refreshingly approachable, chatting with Penny and Phil always feels like spending time with good friends. But this is a very serious business too, run on a faultlessly professional and clinical footing – right from the very first contact. Penny and Phil will discuss your concerns and wishes at length, and once your appointment is arranged, this will be confirmed via email along with a full, clear explanation of the treatment, information on how best to prepare your skin, and consent forms. Everything will be explained in minute detail and nothing will happen until you’re entirely happy. This is vital with Permanent Cosmetics – but more of that later. Aftercare is similarly meticulous.

Once thought to be somewhat aspirational or even ‘red carpet’, thanks to Penny and Phil treatments are perfectly attainable. Time spent at DPC, says Penny, is ‘your time. Our environment isn’t at all pretentious, but it IS comfortable, with a feeling of luxury, so you can truly get away from it all. This is all about you.’

DPC Permanent Cosmetics

Looking Good Means Feeling Good

DPC bring you the absolute gold-standard in permanent make-up treatments. Led by Phil Davis, who is Nouveau Contour trained and Gold Level accredited, DPC deliver innovative techniques with state-of-the-art equipment. Phil’s enduring passion is for all things permanent makeup and his trademark is natural looking, completely personalised work. Phil takes time, and great pride in, working with every client as an individual, understanding lifestyle and personality to create the perfect permanent makeup for each person. Phil painstakingly mentors, trains and instils this, the DPS ethos, in to his team who also absolutely sing from the same hymn sheet. Says Phil, treatments at DPC are about making his clients feel ‘the very best about themselves, every single day’.

Davis Permanent Cosmetics

Treats and Treatments

Treatments with DPC Permanent Cosmetics can make an immense difference by enhancing eyebrows, eyelashes or lips, as subtly or full-on glamorously as required:

  • Lips: A myriad of colours to define lips and create volume means every treatment is bespoke. No more smudging lippy, sticky products or colour bleeding into fine lines. Choose a natural shade or a colour close to your favourite lipstick. DPC Permanent Cosmetics can create a lip blush effect or a stunning full lip colour. Lips will be noticeably enhanced, fuller-looking, perfect all day… and all night.
  • Eyebrows: Eyebrows frame and add structure to the face. They express emotion and are crucial to non-verbal communication. Eyebrow enhancement is the most transformational permanent cosmetic treatment. Good eyebrows give an instant facelift-effect and a younger look. Davis Permanent Cosmetics offer both digital machine and manual hand-tool microblading, to suit most skin types.
  • Eyeliner: DPC Permanent Cosmetics eyeliner treatments range from a discreet eyelash enhancer (about which no-one need ever know – your secret is safe with DPC) to a more defined and dramatic look (check out Penny’s stunning flick). This treatment is idea for allergy-sufferers or contact lens-wearers whose eyes may be too sensitive for make-up.

Not Just Vanity

Don’t ever dismiss permanent make-up as being about vanity or just looking good – though actually, looking good is part and parcel of feeling good. Phil’s expert artistry can also make a world of difference to cancer patients following chemo; cleft palates; vitiligo; radiotherapy ‘blue dots’ – even areola reconstruction. Vanity? Think again.

Davis Permanent Cosmetics

DPC Skin Therapy Clinic

Love Your Skin

As Phil is the artist, so Penny perfects the canvas. The DPC Skin Therapy Clinic philosophy is ‘Love your Skin’, and that positively glows from lead Skin Therapy Specialist, Penny Davis – in fact, it’s crystal clear from the minute you set foot in her clinic. No matter what your skin concern is, Penny will dispense her expert, no-nonsense advice. Never making false promises, Penny believes that when it comes to the skin, understanding the individual is key. Her completely customised skin solutions are designed – prescribed, even – for each client. No two people are the same. Her mentorship and training standards are echoed throughout her team.

Skin Health Reflects Inner Health

As with the Permanent Cosmetics side of DPC, solving skin problems is about so much more than looking good. Problem skin can become all-consuming for teenagers and often it’s no easier to cope with as a grown-up. Penny will find a solution for 99% of cases. Starting with a thorough and systematic consultation, Penny will examine her client’s diet, lifestyle, emotions, exercise habits and favoured products. Often, she’ll identify a reason or trigger for a flare-up which a client hadn’t even realised. Hormones perhaps, stress, illness or a trauma. Once she’s found the ‘why’, she’ll devise the ‘how’ to fix it. The eyes are considered the window to the soul, but the skin is the outward reflection of inner health and wellbeing.

DPC Skin Therapy Clinic can help with scarring, acne, rosacea, and pigmentation as well as the ever-depressing signs of ageing. And yet, this is not a salon. DPC boast the safest, medical grade machines, and the best and most suitable products. There are no gimmicks and no sales pitch. With underlying medical causes for skin issues, or suspect moles perhaps, a client will be referred to a doctor. Clients can also be assured that the products are right for THEM. DPC are not tied into a brand and thus don’t have sales targets. Any product you’re recommended is right for YOU, your skin – and your budget. DPC work with only what they believe to be the best products.

Davis Permanent Cosmetics

DPC is Family

Penny and Phil – and their protégés, Liz ‘Foxy’ Fox and Yasmin – try and test all the services provided. They really do know the treatments inside and out – and all trust each other’s work implicitly. Both Foxy and Yasmin fit the DPC mould perfectly. They all, according to Phil, ‘vibrate on the same frequency’. DPC invest in their team, as well as their clinic. There are no self-employed room-renters at DPC, no zero-hour contracts and this adds to the feeling of comfort and the assurance that clients are getting the best possible treatments and service.

Penny and Phil are justifiably proud of their DPC brand, and it shows in everything they do. They’ve put their hearts and souls into the clinic and continue to do so. They’ll never stop learning and growing to do their very best for their clients. ‘If we’re doing it’, says Phil, ‘we’re being the best’. I Love Cheadle Hulme LOVES DPC already and can’t wait to see more!

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