I LOVE Eclectic Hair & Beauty

15 Sep 2017

Eclectic Hair & Beauty’s stunningly stylish salon has been gracing Station Road for two years now – and is deservedly going from strength-to-strength. Just opposite Oak Meadow, it’s easy to find, easy to park – and easy to see why the salon’s doing so well.

Owner and Creative Director Elizabeth Anderton and her team are incredibly friendly and welcoming – and talented. They’re all just as passionate about the business and their service as Liz. Liz has always been in hairdressing, including with Terence Paul in Bramhall. As well as being an artistic stylist and a manager, she’s been a trainer – so she really knows what she’s doing and ensures the rest of the team do, too. You can be confident your hair is in VERY good hands at Eclectic Hair & Beauty.

Eclectic Hair

Along with cutting-edge styling and treatments available, first and foremost is the great service Eclectic offer. Eclectic want to bring everyone in Cheadle Hulme good – and perhaps more importantly, healthy – hair. Perhaps the main difference at Eclectic is the desire all the girls have, the love of their job and the business. It’s crystal clear that they genuinely want to make clients happy with their hair. They really understand that our hair should be our crowning glory and HAS to be good.

So, who is the average Eclectic client? That’s the beauty of Eclectic Hair & Beauty, there simply IS no average client. The client age and style range is as diverse – indeed, as eclectic – as the Eclectic team’s services and skills. As Liz tells me, Eclectic Hair & Beauty is ‘a bit different, not too mainstream’. She LOVES to discover and introduce new products and services – for example, the innovative – and frankly astonishing – ‘Sweet’ shampoo. Other new developments include:

  • Nano de-frizzer alternative to chemical straightening
  • Hair colours with ingredients such as Omega 3
  • Age Defy products specifically for white hair
  • Californian products
  • Low-peroxide bleach
  • Researching products for hair loss or thinning hair
  • Watch this space – Liz is even researching digital perms…

Liz likes to know and trains her own team. There are six full-time staff, as well as a beautician. Liz has known Roxy, for example, for 13 years and also likes to train her own apprentices – not just to ensure they’re trained the ‘Eclectic Way’ but also give young people a start, and to put back into the industry she loves. It’s also a way to be sure that everyone is at the same high standard to be able to take care of each other’s clients. Liz and her team are proud of what they’ve achieved so far – and rightly so. Highlights – pardon the pun – include working with the Teenage Cancer Trust, as well as various hair shows and photo shoots. They’re all looking forward to future developments, too. Like I said – watch this space.

Eclectic Hair

Liz loves working in Cheadle Hulme an in fact, all the girls live locally – and everyone gets involved with community events, such as our wonderful Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink. Their regular team nights out often take in the King’s Tap and Tang’s, lunch is often from SK Eight and gifts from Homebird. Eclectic Hair & Beauty LOVE Cheadle Hulme.

‘We’d like to thank Cheadle Hulme for coming to us and letting us give them great hair’.

Oh no Liz, we’d like to thank YOU!



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