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16 May 2016

Famous Henrys is a barber’s shop with a bit of a difference. Famous Henrys clients can relax with a brew or a beer – or a soft drink for the younger gents – and Xbox games while they wait.

Famous Henrys have two branches in Cheadle Hulme – one on Turves Road and one on Gillbent Road.  There are also branches in Wilmslow and Hazel Grove. The business is continually expanding and improving, and all the barbers constantly training and developing new skills.

Famous Henrys

Skill Set

Famous Henrys are proud to employ well over twenty barbers, and pride themselves in creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere in all their shops to help and support their barbers in the job.  Full training and education is given to all barbers who come on board.  Famous Henrys barbers are equipped with all the latest cutting-edge techniques and can also advise on the best styles to suit. Whether it’s a short-back-and-sides or a skin fade, Famous Henrys barbers know what they’re doing.

Famous Henrys also take great pride in their in-house training scheme, delivered by their fully qualified barbers. They also offer great opportunities for the young with their apprenticeship programme, in which youngsters are provided with both in-house and external training, in order for them to achieve recognised certification in the barbering trade.

Famous Henrys

Local Champions

Famous Henrys are also known for their unstinting support for local causes and schools. In 2015, Famous Henrys supported over fifty school Christmas fairs and events with raffle prizes. They’re now working towards partnering with local charities. If you’re organising a fund-raiser, please email joa[email protected] to request a voucher – and mention I Love Cheadle Hulme.

Starting up Famous Henrys was very much a family decision. The family – from Cheadle Hulme (of course!) – wanted to start a business which could give real opportunities to young people and help them really progress in a career. Famous Henrys have now been going over three years, and look set to become a Cheadle Hulme fixture! Upon opening the business, the family were determined to give customers exactly what they wanted. Those later nights, early mornings and Sundays have been much appreciated! All Famous Henrys shops are open Monday to Friday 8-7pm and open Sundays 10-4pm. Why Famous Henrys? A look around the walls will answer that. They’re adorned with virtually EVERY famous Henry you can think of! Henry Kissinger, Henry Cooper, Henry Ford – even a Henry hoover!

Famous Henrys

Famous Henry’s is Family

Although originally a family business, Famous Henrys has now grown into a business ‘family’. There’s a fantastic work ethic and everyone works hard – and plays hard. The Famous Henrys family LOVES Cheadle Hulme. They feel Cheadle Hulme has thrived recently, with the cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and all the other local amenities, which helps the community become closer knit.  Many Famous Henrys staff have connections with the area. Famous Henrys even employ local juniors in the shops. For most, this is their first job before leaving school. This can really provide young lads with the confidence to meet and greet new people.

Famous Henrys also, where possible, try to hire local tradesmen and local resources. A truly local business.

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