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2 Dec 2020

Lesley Dakin of Five Star Beauty is not just a beauty, skin care and waxing professional. Although, she certainly IS all that. She is also genuinely down to earth, totally approachable and an absolute delight to spend time with. She takes her time to talk to her clients and makes sure time spent at Five Star Beauty is THEIR time. Lesley is another client I am lucky enough to call a friend, and I can happily recommend Five Star Beauty from (really rather regular) personal experience.

Happy New Home

Five Star Beauty was  originally based in the middle of Stockport town centre. Having grown up on Grange Avenue, Lesley long dreamt of bringing her salon to Cheadle Hulme. Lesley’s childhood friend Kelly suggested that Lesley take Five Star Beauty into the comfy, bright private room nestled within Miss Barbette. Understandably, Lesley couldn’t say “yes, PLEASE” quickly enough. She started work on her new sanctuary immediately, joined I Love Cheadle Hulme and excitedly looked forward to her brand-new start in her happy new premises.

Then, Covid came. The first elongated lockdown followed. Thankfully, Lesley’s made of tough stuff. Like her good friend Kelly, Lesley’s also absolutely not afraid of getting on with hard graft. Even so, it’s been a pretty rubbish year which could easily have taken the gloss off the bright, new beginning Lesley worked so hard for.

Looking Up Despite Lockdown

This year’s lockdowns and let-downs notwithstanding, Lesley tells us there is much to be thankful for and plenty to look forward to. Turns out optimism and a cheery disposition are more of Lesley’s many good qualities. And she’s used her downtime wisely – with more training and qualifications and also working as a carer for vulnerable or older folks in the community.

All Lesley’s regular Five Star Beauty clients have happily followed her to Cheadle Hulme. Well, of course they have. Why would they not? Cheadle Hulme’s a lovely place, Lesley is a talented therapist and Five Star Beauty’s new home is nice and easy to find and has plenty of parking nearby. Since the relocation, and despite the general bleurgh that was 2020 (especially for beauticians) Lesley has met many new clients, too.

Beauty with Bells On

As well as everything you’d expect from a beauty and holistic expert here in Cheadle Hulme, Lesley has a couple of specialist strings to her well-equipped bow. So, yes, Five Star Beauty takes care of all things nails, massage, tanning, facials, LVL lashes and everything else to make you look good – and therefore FEEL good. There is also a comprehensive range of high-end and high-performance facial treatments such as chemical peels, derma-planing and radiofrequency – all guaranteed to get your glow on.

Wax On Wax Off

However, Lesley is also a waxing specialist. Girls, we all know how crucial it is to get your pits, bits and pieces waxed by someone who makes you feel comfy and at ease – and who really, REALLY knows what they’re doing. And not just girls. Gents, this one’s for you, too (and now there’s no need to feel well, you know, a bit discomfited having to pop into a girly salon. Nobody’s going to look askance at you popping into Miss Barbette.) Waxing can hurt a little. If it’s not done properly, with the right equipment and the right products, it can hurt a LOT. Lesley – with the best products and the right equipment – makes it easy.

Light Up With Alumier

This year, and due to her own experience and results with the products, Lesley has trained with Alumier and is now proud and privileged to deliver medical grade facial treatments. Alumier, Lesley says, has changed her life, and she can’t wait to help her clients benefit as much as she has. Lesley suffered with her skin. Acne affected her self-esteem to the point where she actually worried that people were looking and pointing at her. Prescriptive treatments and Alumier products have improved her skin so much that now, she says, even if people ARE looking, it must be because she’s positively glowing.

Whatever your skin concern – ageing, discolouration, acne, rosacea, dullness – Alumier have a product to help, and Lesley has a targeted treatment to work. Take the products home, too – they’re available to buy – and “treat yourself to a facial every single day!”

Treat Out to Help Out

We’ve all had a tough year, one way or another, so maybe beauty treatments seem a luxury at the moment. Look no further – Lesley has it covered there, too. Every month, there’s a new ‘Two Treatments for £35’ offer. An hour of pure bliss or a little treat for just £35. We’re all worth that! It’s even available as a gift voucher (as is everything else at Five Star Beauty). This month’s beauties include a muscle-melting massage, a ruby lift facial, and gel toes. Treat yourself. More than ever at the moment, you deserve it – and our local businesses deserve our support.

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