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12 Jun 2019

Cheadle-based Fortify Consultants are on a crusade to provide clients seeking top-quality financial and accounting services with a personable customer experience.

Founded in 2015, Fortify Consultants are devoted to offering a bespoke experience for each of their clients; the successful execution of client satisfaction is paramount for each member of staff representing the company.

Aaron Cullen Director at Fortify, reinforced the company’s ethos, promoting his strong belief that customer’s best interests aren’t always accounted for: “Fortify was born from my belief that accountants generally deliver enough value for their clients. In my view, they reach a certain point in the customer journey and suddenly stop liaising with the client. Hitting targets whilst sacrificing the quality of service doesn’t sit well with me; earning money should never come at the detriment of quality service. Taking this into account, I left my previous job in Manchester and set-up Fortify Consultants.”


While leaving an established city-centre business to set up a new company within a highly-competitive market represented a high-risk strategy, Fortify Consultants have flourished since the company’s inception, offering services that set the company apart from the competition, as well as the run-of-the-mill services that would be expected of any Consultancy firm, as explained by Aaron: “We offer our clients traditional services such as accounts, tax, VAT and payroll assistance, but where we differ is that we’re extremely hands-on with cash flow management and management consulting. I personally sit in board meetings with directors of companies and we work out a strong business plan.”


In a sector that can sometimes be stale and void of customer attentiveness, Fortify Consultants aren’t reluctant to go the extra mile to make sure that their clients feel valued and are pleased with the final outcome: “We’re extremely honest with our clients, if we disagree with a suggestion, we’ll think of an alternative that we feel will have a favourable outcome. If there’s something that I think is wrong, I will always let the client know; I treat the companies like my own, wear my hat as Finance Director and act as an additional source of support.”

A strong working relationship with clientele is essential for a company hoping to establish themselves within the cut-throat working world; word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing and can make or break the fortunes of a business. Business development and maintenance of client relations has been embraced by Fortify Consultants, with the company’s friendly, approachable demeanour emerging as a company trademark: “Clients come to me for reassurance, even if they think they know the answer.” Aaron said, “I have been lucky to establish strong personal relationships with my clients. In many ways, it’s like a confidante, and while there is certainly a professional barrier. I’m invited on clients’ Christmas parties and even birthday parties; I’d certainly say this is a direct indication of how our clients appreciate that we go further than other companies.”

The commitment and passion for promoting premier standards are reflected in the company retention rates: Fortify Consultants have never lost a client, thanks to a combination of exemplary service and friendly staff. The warm, good-natured approach is indicative of the culture within the office, as explained by Aaron: “We’re extremely flexible at the company. Staff are provided with complete autonomy around their clients and are granted my trust from day one – they don’t need to earn it. We socialise on a regular basis, but ultimately the shared focus is on customer service. If a member of staff receives a phone call at 8:00 PM, then I know somebody will pick up the phone, I don’t need to ask my staff to provide assistance, because they appreciate the flexibility and support that they receive elsewhere.”

Fortify Consultants are a rare breed in the uncompromising world of business, in that they are built on core foundations of care, trust, and respect for other business owners. Aaron reinforced the company’s supportive ethos, stating: “We will care about your business just as much as you – hands down, we truly mean that. We never under-appreciate or devalue any client or company.”

Upon discussing the company’s strapline, ‘Part of Your Team’, Aaron revealed that he initially had his doubts, before coming to the realisation that slogan is extremely fitting for the business: “Admittedly, I didn’t put much thought into it when I thought of it! However, I couldn’t think of a strapline that could be more accurate. I see the business as a team; we’re motivated by the work that we do as a collective.”

There are exciting times ahead for Fortify Consultants, who have recently added R&D Tax Credit services to their range of existing services. To discuss your requirements, contact the team on 0161 920 8691; a member of the Fortify Consultants team will be more than happy to help.

Address: Portland House, SK8 6QL

Phone: 0161 920 8691

Email: [email protected]

Website: fortifyconsultants.co.uk 

Facebook: fortifyconsultants

Twitter: @FortifyCon

Instagram: @fortifyconsultants

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