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10 Jun 2020

I Love Cheadle Hulme and I Love Bramhall are not directory websites. They are much more…They are online magazines, community portals, what’s-on guides and go-to sources of local info, linked to vibrant social media channels. We’ve forged strong links with our local shops and communities, with our MP and our councillors, as well as our local police. A few years ago, we set up and run – voluntarily, and at the request of councillors and police during meetings about crime locally – the huge Neighbourhood Alert Scheme via WhatsApp. This now includes over 150 roads in Cheadle Hulme or Bramhall. Is your road part of it? Drop us a line to be in. Yep, I Love Cheadle Hulme and I Love Bramhall are SO much more than just another one of those sites.

I Love Cheadle Hulme

I Love… EVERY Local Business

Lots of those online directory sites and pages have popped up recently. Some started as Facebook Groups, and some have been set up by people who’ve just done a marketing course. Don’t get us wrong, a good directory can be useful. A good one, in the right place. So, the I Love websites – amongst everything else – do feature directories. Good ones, and in the right place. The I Love business listings are different though. Not just because they’re only a part of what we do, but because EVERY BUSINESS AND ORGANISATION in Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall (and occasionally nearby) is entitled to a FREE listing. That’s right. I Love lists ALL our local businesses. Not on there yet? Contact us now – there’s no catch.

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I Love… to Shop Local, Support Local, Love Local

People sometimes confuse I Love for one of those many new websites, but actually, I Love Bramhall was founded almost seven years ago. As a business, with a Facebook business page, from the start. I Love Cheadle Hulme followed soon afterwards. As a business, with a Facebook business page from the start. Other towns and villages will soon have their own I Love sites. All will be businesses, with Facebook business pages, from the start. The I Love websites aren’t just businesses set up for business sake, though. At the heart (see what I did there?) is a genuine love of our villages. A desire to see our villages – and their shops, salons, restaurants, pubs, companies, churches, groups, schools, clubs and all the other organisations therein – thrive and prosper. Local businesses are the very heartbeat of a village and we put our money where our mouths are.

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I Love… Where We Live

With I Love, it’s personal. We know our clients well – we use their businesses, buy their products, drink in their pubs, eat in their restaurants, and many become friends. Likewise, we know our villages, because we live here and have done so for many years. With I Love, we go the extra mile for our clients, always and in any way we can. Just recently, as Covid19 began to impact our local businesses, we contacted the clients we knew were affected, to offer to pause their subscriptions. Some used the help and some didn’t, but everyone appreciated the genuine gesture. We don’t tie our members into contracts, either. Yes, I Love is a business. But we’re human and we understand.

We Are I Love…

Wendy founded I Love Bramhall, as well as I Love Cheadle Hulme and Moxie Mingle Networking Events. Born and raised in Bramhall, Wendy went to Hurst Head and is an ex Hulme Hall Grammar girl. Wendy loves her village, and that shines through in everything she does. The I Love… brand was born of a desire to bring the community together, share and promote all the fantastic events and activities going on in and around the village, as well as really helping the local businesses to thrive. She was one of the driving forces behind the Bramhall Together Trust, spearheading their superb events. Wendy also created the wildly popular Paws and Play in the Park plus the Big Bramhall Tea Party – an entirely free event for local senior citizens.

Wendy with some of her team – Laura – Rosie – Hattie

Kate is Cheadle Hulme through-and-through. She lives in the village, near her childhood home. Her parents still live there – and her father-in-law is also in Cheadle Hulme.
Kate attended Lane End and then Cheadle Hulme High as did her four children.  She’s worked here for many years, run a small business here, organised events – PTA Summer fetes, football tournaments and a Christmas Market – and community groups here. Kate knows and loves her village inside-out and is determined to keep Cheadle Hulme special and help the local businesses flourish.

But I Love isn’t about us. It’s about you, your village, your local business, your favourite café and your community. The I Love ethos is to show what the villages have to offer, to foster  community spirit and give a feeling of membership to everyone – the residents, businesses, churches, schools, clubs, community groups and home-based businesses… Everyone! I Love wants the people of Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme to shop local and be part of their village.

When you join I Love Cheadle Hulme or I Love Bramhall, you get so much more than just advertising or a business listing.

Kate and Wendy with client Julie

I Love… to Showcase your Business

The I Love sites are professionally run, constantly updated and tenaciously, doggedly search-engine-optimised. The vibrant and real-time social media adds a uniquely proactive AND reactive edge and also take people to the websites. I Love works hard and invests wisely to get your business seen. Unlike Facebook groups, as a Facebook business page our content is public and so our reach – and therefore yours – is limitless. And we don’t just roll out advert after advert. We have community info, roadworks, neighbourhood alerts, lost and found dogs, cats, jewellery, purses – even a sheep or three. I kid you not. This gives our impressive reach and engagement figures – which we’re happy to show you. The work we do on our websites means they are at the very forefront of Google searches. That means your listing can be there, too.

I Love… Being Social

Alongside our professional and engaging websites, we have a strong business social media following across all the major channels:


I Love Cheadle Hulme: (as of 10 June 2020)

  • * Facebook: 11,710 followers & 11,044 likes
  • * Twitter: 2,461 followers
  • * Instagram: 2,329 followers
  • * Linked-In: 1,243 followers
  • * Website Visitors: around 5k around a month

I Love Bramhall: (as of 10 June 2020)

  • * Facebook: 14.2k followers, 13.3k likes
  • * Twitter: 5,938 followers
  • * Instagram: 3,035 followers
  • * Linked-In: 1,327 followers
  • * Website Visitors: around 8k a month

I Love… Return on Investment

Yes, our websites offer every local business a free listing, but if you REALLY want to be noticed, look at our incredibly affordable and uniquely dynamic advertising packages. The most popular – our Enhanced Plus listing – is just £45 per month. One new regular customer could alone cover that small cost for you. One annual member said upon renewal ‘it’s a no-brainer’. We can even tailor-make a package or a short campaign for you. We could wax lyrical about happy clients all day long, but here’s a few snippets:

A local theatre group told us “We don’t see our I Love Cheadle Hulme membership as a cost, we see it as an investment. And the return on that investment has been huge. A sort of copy-cat set-up stung us, but Wendy and Kate can actually show us results”.

A well-known estate agent told us “We always know within a few minutes of you promoting our post. It just goes viral.”

Garage owner Paul said “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.” Proof of the pudding, he signed up his second business, too.

Two local takeaway food outlets started deliveries while navigating the Covid crisis. Both were ‘inundated’.

You Love… THE Best Value Local Advertising Around

We’d love to help you promote your business properly. I Love Cheadle Hulme and I Love Bramhall offer a unique advertising service which is, quite simply, THE best value and most dynamic local advertising around. The Enhanced Plus option gives you:

  • a clickable listing with all your contact details and social links.
  • your logo and a bio (across multiple categories, if applicable).
  • a professionally written, SEO-friendly article (which you can share as much as you want).
  • your Facebook posts promoted (all day, any day, every day. Weekends, holidays and even several times a day. We’re a small business, just like you, so we just don’t DO downtime.) As we’re a business page, not a group, those posts can be shared publicly – hence the unlimited reach.
  • regular retweets to our ever-growing Twitter audience
  • the ability to increase your social media following.
  • promotion across all our social media channels and newsletter.

You’ll LOVE What I Love Does for Your Business

All businesses – new start-ups and long-established – need to market, to promote, to advertise. It’s vital. It’s so sad to see new businesses and shops set up, full of hope and enthusiasm only to fail within months. It’s sad to hear the ‘use us or lose us’ refrain from businesses who simply don’t know how to promote themselves. The simple fact is that it takes more than a great idea, good service and superb product to succeed. If people don’t know you’re there, they’ll never get to try that service and product. Life is busy, and takes us all over the place for work, schools, clubs, gyms, friends and family. You need to TELL people you’re there and SHOW them what you can do for them. That’s what good local advertising does for you. THAT’S what I Love does. And I Love puts its heart into it. Literally.

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