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4 Aug 2020


Hearing tests can be every bit as vital as eye tests and dental check-ups. Hearing loss can really have an impact on quality of life and confidence, including social isolation and depression. Cheadle Hulme based audiologist Olivia Austin of Integrate Hearing is degree-qualified and HCPC registered, and it’s clear she really cares. She studied Audiology at the University of Manchester, graduating with a BSc.

After graduation, Olivia gained plenty of invaluable experience in both the private sector and the NHS. She completed countless home visits and headed up three independent practices. Setting up Integrate Hearing seemed a natural progression and two years on, Olivia hasn’t looked back. Olivia still visits clients in their homes but also runs three clinics across Cheshire, including one at Ashworths Opticians in Cheadle village.


Customers Come First

Customer care is everything at Integrate Hearing, and Olivia’s service and business fit well with the independent opticians she partners. One of Olivia’s main motivations in setting up on her own was that High Street customer care just wasn’t quite caring enough. As an independent audiologist, Olivia is far more flexible than the big companies, and can go the extra mile to help her clients. Services – all of which are available through at-home appointments – include:

  • * Hearing Health Checks: a shorter version of a full test, ideal if you’ve not had a hearing test before or if you think your hearing is ok.
  • * Hearing Assessments: 90 minutes of undivided attention to ascertain your hearing health and needs
  • * Ear Wax Removal, either by syringing or with microsuction which is now GP recommended. It’s more comfortable and with less risk of infections.
  • * Hearing Aids: as an independent Audiologist, Integrate Hearing can offer a wide variety of styles with many different technologies
  • * Hearing Aid Accessories
  • * Tinnitus Assessments
  • * Hearing Protection
  • * Custom Swim Moulds
  • * Sleep Moulds
  • * Amplification Devices
  • * Ear Impressions

Whatever the hearing issue, Integrate Hearing have you covered.

Hearing About Covid Care

Obviously, like all of us, Olivia has felt the impact of Covid. She says it’s ‘so good to be back up and running, and lovely to be talking again’. Only able to attend to urgent cases, Olivia “felt so bad, not being able to help everyone”. Of course, safety is paramount at the moment and Integrate Hearing appointments involve stringent sanitation and PPE. Olivia also ensures there’s more time to sanitise between client. The NHS, at the time of writing, still aren’t providing ear wax removal, so Olivia’s service is more in demand than ever.

The BEST Products AND Service

Audiology is a competitive sector, so Integrate Hearing’s success so far tells its own story. Olivia’s dedication to supplying the best quality products, while genuinely caring for her clients, sets her apart. But she’ll never rest on her laurels, she knows well the value of developing her skills and qualifications. It’s vital that clients trust her, as their new equipment can seem very expensive, and her professionalism, knowledge and expertise make the difference. There’s no hard sell with Olivia and Integrate Hearing. Olivia will only do what is best for each patient.

And Olivia loves doing it. Helping someone to hear better again is, she says, incredibly rewarding: “I do a job that I love, I meet amazing people and I help them with their hearing.” It’s frustrates her though, that hearing loss is often just accepted as part of ageing. She believes that education and awareness are key. Hearing health should be as standard as dental care and routine eye appointments. So often, it’s hard to even tell there’s a problem, as it’s developed gradually.

Sometimes, hearing problems will cause a patient to withdraw from favourite hobbies, friends and families, rather than face the issue and do something about it. That’s where Olivia comes in. She’ll take time to assess the situation and to solve the problem. She reiterates, it’s not about sales, but about providing the right support and explaining exactly what’s happening. Patients love that they see the same person at each appointment – and Olivia’s ready smile and friendly manner are a winning combination.

Tailored to You

Integrate Hearing deliver a totally tailor-made service. Each patient is provided the perfect product for them. Tests are state-of-the-art and using the latest technology for the best results and products are the highest quality. Exciting upcoming innovations include Telecare remote control hearing aids – which would be perfect in the event of another lockdown. Olivia can log in to set up or tune the telecare device remotely, and assessments can be done via video or voice call.

Don’t leave your hearing to chance. With Olivia Austin and Integrate Hearing, it’s easy to have your hearing checked and just as easy to find the perfect solution. Olivia won’t settle for anything less. Why would you?

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