I LOVE  J. Pimlott, Traditional Butchers, Cheadle Hulme

10 May 2017

We all know that Pimlott’s is one of Cheadle Hulme’s oldest businesses (along with Snape and Sons and Waterhouses). Indeed, Richard Pimlott’s Great-Grandad, Joseph, first set up shop way back in 1869.


Times have changed considerably – but the ethos is still the same:

Pimlott’s is committed to finding, preparing and selling only the finest quality produce… sourcing the best livestock; and it’s this principle that’s been carried through five generations and rests at the heart of what J.Pimlott stands for today.

We continue to select prize-winning livestock from the best farms in Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Shropshire, meaning that food miles are kept to a minimum.

Our longevity is a sign of our ability and commitment to our customers. We’ve built a reputation for expert knowledge, careful maturing, quality cuts and friendly service.

Whilst many things have changed since Joseph’s day, J.Pimlott remains a local, family business dedicated to delivering outstanding service and quality produce that the supermarkets simply cannot match.

We are certain you won’t find better, fresher and more flavoursome meat.”

It’s clear to see why Pimlott’s is so popular and why the business continues to thrive. The meat is a world away from the packaged supermarket offerings, and J. Pimlott’s team of skilled butchers can prepare it exactly how you like it. There’s a mouth-watering array of ready-marinated meats and stir fries, as well as home-made kebabs. They also stock an award-winning range of pies and cheeses as well as delicious home cooked meats. And ask anyone – once you’ve tried Pimlott’s sausages, lesser sausages simply won’t do!


Richard and his team have a very ethical approach to their meat. It is all locally sourced (never from more than fifty miles away) and fully traceable. The provenance of the meat is guaranteed and all comes from the same four or five farms. Beef comes from prizewinning grass-fed heifers, and is hung on the bone for a minimum of 21 days. Lamb is Welsh, from either St. Asaph or Ruthin. The rest of the produce is from either Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire or Shropshire. All Pimlott’s meat is Red Tractor approved, guaranteeing safety, hygiene – and animal welfare. Quite simply, it’s the very best quality – but value for money is also imperative, with the meat better trimmed but no more expensive than that from the quality supermarkets.


Richard, who is in his twenty-eighth year as a designated Master Butcher, is the fifth generation to run the business and is as popular in Cheadle Hulme – and beyond – as his predecessors. He grew up and still lives round here and employs ten staff, all of whom also live locally. He tells us he’s seen massive changes over the time – most of which he sees as positive. Even the arrival of Waitrose, he believes, was a good thing – bringing free parking and more cachet to the village, encouraging investments and new businesses. Back in the day there were three butchers as well as many other traditional, high street shops (although no candlemakers). Now, however, we have several good restaurants and new, smart pubs and more to come. Richard believes more residential development could also be a good thing – such as the innovative redevelopment of the old Simon Carves building, and other similar projects which don’t impact on the village feel or our surrounding open spaces. This would of course bring more people into the village thus supporting our businesses.


Richard and his wife Katie – who also helps with the running of the business – LOVE Cheadle Hulme. They love the genuine community feel, and Richard cites his long friendships with many of his customers. The schools and transport links help keep Cheadle Hulme a very desirable place to live. As with so many of our local, family firms, Richard and Katie too use their local businesses. They love eating at d’Agostino and use Wolfenden’s regularly, as well as another long-time Cheadle Hulme business, Monkhouses.

It’s truly fantastic to see a genuinely local, family business do so well, for so long, and we wish Pimlott’s every continued success. Most of us already shop there – but if you haven’t yet, go and see just why they’re still doing so well. You’ll love Pimlott’s too!



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