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17 Dec 2021

Nobody likes to think about planning or arranging a funeral. Funeral Directors aren’t companies we want to consider or recommend. Unfortunately, it’s something we’re all likely to have to do at some point. It matters that we get it right. It matters for those we’re saying goodbye to, but most of all it matters for those of us who are left behind.

Family Matters

Jonathan Alcock and Sons get it right. It’s what they do, and what they have done for many, many years, taking care of families throughout the Cheadle area. It’s what they have done since 1863, when Jonathan Alcock, a carpenter and undertaker, founded the firm on Cheadle’s High Street, just behind the Alcock family’s General & Drapery Store at No. 43.

Many of us will fondly remember the ‘Frock and Knicker Shop’ which still stood there until relatively recently, also part of the family.

History and Tradition

The firm boasts a rich and fascinating history as one of Cheadle’s longest established, and remains family-owned and run. Director Sarah Parker is the fifth generation, the great-great-great-granddaughter of the original Jonathan Alcock. That strong family tradition is reflected throughout Alcock’s and is part of the reason so many families choose Alcock’s to take care of their loved one’s last wishes. Just like I Love Cheadle Hulme’s Kate did:

“My family had always used Alcock’s – in fact, as Cheadle families go, they’ve probably been part of the village just as long. My Nana and Grandad’s funerals were both looked after by Alcock’s. Although modest, small family funerals – as befitting adored relatives who’ve reached a grand old age – we were happy with how everything went. All the daft little details, which mattered to us, were simply no trouble at all.”

Jonathan Alcock & Sons Ltd, Cheadle, Stockport

Nothing Is Too Much Trouble

Kate continues: “Then, I found myself needing to organise my husband’s funeral. I spoke to two local undertakers but was struck with the care and compassion shown at Alcock’s. I liked that they clearly weren’t some sort of franchise or corporate operation. From the moment I set foot in their door, nothing was too much trouble. The stress and worry – well, the funeral part of the stress and worry, anyway – were just taken away. The date and timings we wanted were sorted, the order we wanted things doing in, the fact we had four children to be taken into account, just everything was sorted. A brief email or a quick phone call, and Alcock’s dealt with it.

As a family, we were looked after compassionately and discreetly by John Wild, who’s been with Alcock’s since leaving school (the Alcock’s family means more than just relatives) and is now Head of Operations. We didn’t have to concern ourselves with anything, John just sorted it. A packed church with standing room only, hundreds of emotional guests, 18 would-be pall bearers with dodgy senses of direction, plus a bewildered young widow and four children must have presented challenges, but you would certainly not have known.

I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, thank you Alcock’s, from the bottom of our hearts. That could’ve been one of the worst days of our lives, but you made it everything we hoped it would be. Between us, we did him proud.”

Fun or Formality

As Sarah points out, funerals shouldn’t be depressing, miserable affairs (though, of course, if that’s what you want, that’s what Alcock’s will deliver for you). And the Funeral Director’s job is never depressing – it’s both rewarding and fulfilling to know what a difference they make. Alcock’s are old-school yet the business is modern, embracing everything that technology and other innovations can offer. However you want to say goodbye to YOUR loved one, Alcock’s will do their best to make it happen. Recent quirkier, out-of-the-ordinary funerals have featured:

  • A suitcase style coffin for a world traveller
  • A coffin featuring an Edgeley Park panorama for a County fan
  • Undertakers in old-skool Adidas original footwear for a trainer aficionado

It really is all about the recently departed and those they’ve left behind. You too can do them proud.

Alcock’s: Here for You

The Jonathan Alcock and Son’s team are dedicated and down-to-earth. They can offer all the advice and assistance you need when planning a funeral, and yes, it’s a recurring theme, but that’s because it’s true – NOTHING is too much trouble. As the website says on every page:

Call us on 0161 428 2097

There will always be someone happy to help.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are here for you.

That’s not a tagline, a motto or a call to action. That’s a pure and simple statement of fact. I can vouch for that.

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