I LOVE Julie Your Hypnotherapist, Cheadle Hulme

2 Jan 2018

Need to make changes in your life? Stuck or unsure how to take the first step? Expert help and support will make the difference. Julie Your Hypnotherapist Cheadle Hulme IS that expert help and support.

The first impression of Julie Your Hypnotherapist, Cheadle Hulme’s acclaimed hypnotherapist is that she’s so, well, normal. Most of us would have no idea what to expect from a hypnotherapist. Or worse, we’d confuse them with stage hypnotists. I’m happy to report that they are DEFINITELY not the same thing! It’s reassuring then, that Julie IS so normal – just a lovely, friendly and open lady who happens to be very, very good at what she does.

She also loves doing it, and genuinely loves helping people. She volunteers tirelessly within our community and always offers practical help or a raffle prize. Just in the past couple of years, she’s helped with Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink, the Big Bramhall Tea Party and the Mike Godfrey Memorial Football Tournament.

Julie Widdowson Hypnotherapy - Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink

Julie Widdowson Supporting Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink

Julie Widdowson Hypnotherapy, Cheadle Hulme CAN help. With Anything

Julie works from her dedicated room at home, here in Cheadle Hulme, as well as from treatment rooms nearby. If you ask anyone, or on any forum, for help with any kind of emotional or fear issues in adults or children around Cheadle Hulme, you can guarantee that Julie’s name will come up a lot. Julie’s client-led brand of hypnotherapy and intuitive coaching can help with virtually anything, including:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Feeling ‘stuck’
• Anger issues
• Allergies
• Fear and phobias
• Bedwetting
• Pain Management
• Confidence
• Alcohol issues
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
• Weight Control
• Smoking Cessation
• Stress
• Sleep Problems
• Grief
• Nerves
• Procrastination
• Relationships
• Sexual Problems
• Exam Nerves
• Social Anxiety
• Skin problems
• Worrying
• Nail Biting
• Panic Attacks
• Self Esteem

Julie Widdowson

Julie Widdowson Hypnotherapy, Cheadle Hulme Can Even Help Me

The best way to learn about something is to try it, so I put myself into Julie’s very capable hands. I aim to become more organised and less chaotic (don’t laugh). Julie welcomed me into her lovely, calming room. Simply and prettily furnished, with garden views, sounds of birdsong and a VERY comfy chair, the ambience is perfect to just relax. Ultimately, that’s what hypnotherapy is about – total relaxation so your mind is free and receptive. As something of a cynic, I was absolutely blown away by my session and will be booking more. The main aspect which impressed me was that Julie does NOT work with a script. She was led entirely by the responses she drew from me – of which I was aware but which seemed almost subliminal. I won’t go into too much detail but I was genuinely astounded. Just the one short session gave me a technique to relax and take control – imagine what could be achieved with two or three sessions! Julie feels strongly that the way to change is through positive affirmations rather than the old ‘I must not’ or ‘I must stop’… ethos. It’s SO much better for self and wellbeing.

Julie works a lot with metaphor – this, she says, is ‘the language of the subconscious mind’ and also works well for children. The aim is to empower clients – hypnotherapy really is all about the client, not the therapist. Many people’s problems and issues, Julie says, stem from their childhood and often she’ll work with the ‘inner child’, addressing the fear of rejection, insecurity, or worrying too much about what other people think. I’m sure many of us can identify…

Julie Widdowson Hypnotherapy, Cheadle Hulme – Early Days

Julie’s early ambition was a nursing career, but life changed and she trained in beauty therapy. This led on to more holistic training and reiki (she’s also a reiki master. She really is a lady of many talents). A chance mention of hypnotherapy was, she says, ‘a lightbulb moment’. She was absolutely ‘blown away’ by her hypnotherapy training and the rest is history. It’s been seven years now and Julie’s passion for her profession and for energy healing (she’s now adding Shamanic Healing to her repertoire) grows daily. Inspiring people to ‘make positive changes and empowering them to realise their potential’ is everything to Julie and THAT’S why she’s so good at what she does – and how she gets clients the results they want. Julie trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is also qualified in Creative hypnotherapy, which brings a spiritual aspect too – she sees people as ‘souls on legs’. There’s often an underlying issue – a message beyond what the client is saying – which Julie is able to find and help address. From fear of flying to crippling low self-esteem, Julie CAN help – and will do everything she can to do so.

Confidentiality means she can’t discuss individual clients (very reassuring from our point of view) but, she tells me, she’s wowed by all of them. She can see from the clients’ facial expressions the lift that they’ve gained from their session. One young client suffered from such severe OCD that she was housebound. As Julie says, to work with her, to see her blossom and to know that now she’s been on courses, out socially and is now looking to move on from her family home has been ‘beautiful’.

Julie with Wendy from I Love Cheadle Hulme

Julie Your Hypnotherapist, Cheadle Hulme WORKS

THAT’S how not to confuse hypnotherapy with entertainment. Hypnotherapy or intuitive coaching with Julie IS beautiful. It’s also very real, and it really works – as I discovered. Ask around, lots of people will tell you. And now I can recommend Julie to help, too.


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