I LOVE KETTFusion at Club Cheadle Hulme

5 Jan 2017

Michael Ross’s KETTFusion classes at Club Cheadle Hulme, on Woods Lane, are JUST what you’ve been waiting for.  

Fed up of bog-standard kettle bell classes? Looking for something demanding but fun? Looking for something suitable for all ages and fitness levels? KETTFusion is for you.


What exactly is KETTFusion? KETTFusion is a class combining lightweight kettlebells with martial arts exercises – all to a rather fabulous soundtrack.  KETTFusion delivers a full body cardio, strength, stamina and conditioning workout. EVERYONE will get the best from the class – from superfit Olympian to fresh-off-the-couch. KETTFusion was runner-up in the UK Community Fitness ‘Best Fitness Brand’, and Michael Ross was Best Authentic Presenter in the LifeLeisure Instructor of the Year awards.


Michael is a long-time 2nd Dan Shotokan martial artist as well as a qualified, advanced Kettlercise instructor. He identified a gap in the market for a workout to deliver the cardio benefits of martial arts with the strength and conditioning of kettlebell training. KETTFusion was born! Classes are kept relatively small. Michael knows that individual coaching is key, and EVERYONE will get his attention and tailored coaching.

Classes have become incredibly popular, very quickly. This is mainly down to Michael and his approach, as well as the effectiveness and fun of the exercise.  However, the music is also key. Pop and retro music complements the kettlebell element, and irresistible African tribal rhythms for the martial arts exercises. Themed weeks add to the fun. Expect a George Michael tribute, maybe Motown or the Beach Boys. Grease, anyone?


Michael was an actor, so can capture an audience’s attention and imagination. He moved into fitness after the tragic and shocking loss of his wife ten years ago. Health and fitness can only ever be a positive thing and essential for complete wellbeing. Also, he knew beyond doubt that life is for living. He had to go out, make the most of every single day and be the very best he could be. His three sons have an amazing role model. More than that, he has a genuine desire to help and improve people, which positively shines out of him. He delivers classes to physically disabled, as well as blind and deaf people and is passionate about letting everyone join in and benefit. Even wheelchair users can benefit from a good upper body workout.


As well as the Club Cheadle Hulme classes, Michael is providing instructor training courses. Demand for classes is huge, so more instructors are needed. He has also created the more intense KETTFrenzy – for instructors who want to really challenge their regulars. Each class of KETTFrenzy can burn 800-1000 calories! So why should instructors and trainers offer KETTFusion? KETTfusion is unique and dynamic. Instructors can master two proven disciplines to deliver a knockout workout that clients will LOVE.

The best thing about delivering KETTFusion classes, Michael says, is that fitness is for EVERYONE. Any age, any religion, any size and any fitness level. One of his proudest moments came when one of his larger clients thanked him. She’d always been left to trail at the back of other classes she’d tried, but Michael gave her his time and attention.

How can KETTFusion work for everyone though? Michael says it’s simple. It’s down to the Good Cop/Bad Cop approach. He – of course – is good cop, positive and encouraging, always. The rhythm of the music – with its very specific beats-per-minute is bad cop. Keep up with the rhythm and you’re guaranteed the workout you need.

club cheadle hulme

Michael LOVES Club Cheadle Hulme and is blown away by the refurbishment. The sports hall and studio are particularly impressive, he says. The studio is perfect for KETTFusion – just the right size to keep his classes personal, and with an incredible sound system! See you there on Wednesday 11 January,  from 7-8pm. Your first class is FREE and you’ll get a FREE KETTFusion towel, too. Can’t wait!



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