I LOVE LaModa Hair

28 Jul 2017

LaModa hair is a beautiful and genuinely exclusive hair salon, set just above Julia Knightley’s sumptuous clinic on Station Road by Cheadle Hulme girl Ali Brocklehurst.

LaModa’s exclusivity is down to the fact that Ali offers an entirely personal service. You have an appointment, and LaModa is pretty much all yours for the duration – no waiting for Ali to finish another lady, no rushing and no passing you over!


The salon screams exclusivity but in a lovely, friendly and welcoming way. It’s beautifully renovated and decorated to give a luxurious feel. Ali approached Julia to set up above the clinic as she’d always loved the building (it IS gorgeous) and knew that Julia’s ethos around making clients feel special fitted perfectly with her own.

Ali has no desire for LaModa to become a huge, commercial salon – it really is all about that level of exclusivity. Because of this, LaModa isn’t out to take clients from other salons – and Ali is even happy to recommend other salons if she ever can’t fit a client in. Her clients book well in advance so she’s very busy – but moves heaven and earth to accommodate, working Mondays, late nights and even early mornings.


LaModa clients are guaranteed a relaxing experience with Ali’s 100% attention and concentration – so much so that Ali is even able to offer her services to ladies with a genuine fear of hairdressers. Again, being above the clinic offers a level of discretion not usually standard in hairdressers. Ali has a Master’s Degree in hair colour, but is highly skilled in all aspects of hair styling – as well as very experienced.


Ali is Cheadle Hulme through and through. An ex Hurst Head and Cheadle Hulme High school pupil, she LOVES Cheadle Hulme. Ali’s had stints living in Manchester and Didsbury – but her heart has remained with Cheadle Hulme and she lives back here now. Why is that? Ali says that, for her and partner Rick, it’s all about our community – they’ve never felt a community spirit like Cheadle Hulme. Ali’s partner hails from Chester but loves Cheadle Hulme too. Both cite how friendly our village is, the wealth of small local independent cafés, bars and restaurants, and the fact that all the local businesses help and support each other. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that Ali’s house was kitted out almost entirely from Homebird and, like us she loves the John Millington, the Board and SKEight.


If you want an entirely different hairdressing experience and a real one-to-one service, then speak to Ali at LaModa. Another truly local business in Cheadle Hulme – another reason why I Love Cheadle Hulme!


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