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3 Dec 2019

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be exhausting. Therefore, it’s important to devote time to personal hobbies to keep our minds stimulated. While some choose to join a local sports team, learn a musical instrument, or venture into the countryside, Pilates is a hugely popular past time, with the specialist classes at Lauri North Pilates catching the attention.

Lauri North, the founder of Lauri North Pilates, currently teaches fifteen existing classes, thirteen of which are based in Cheadle Hulme. 

A trainer accredited by the Body Control Pilates Association, her brand of challenging, yet therapeutic Pilates classes have attracted clientele varying in age and ability.

“I offer Pilates classes to all levels, from beginners through to advanced. I enjoy teaching all ages and my oldest clients are roughly in their eighties, so anyone is more than welcome to attend, enjoy a class, and meet new people.”

A form of physical fitness founded by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, the hobby is popular worldwide, with its diverse nature one of its many appealing factors; participants needn’t attend a class to take part, with home tuition available, a service also offered by Lauri.

“I offer one-to-one tuition in client’s homes, as well as group sessions. It’s all mat work Pilates, I don’t work with the large equipment. Predominantly, I work from the Parish Rooms on Church Road and we have a fantastic time moving and socialising.”

With so many people from all walks of life embracing Pilates, the million-dollar question on the lips of many couldn’t be simpler: Why does its popularity continue to rise, and how is it useful for the human body? Lauri North provided further insight into why the hobby is beneficial.

“Mat work pilates is both mental and physical; I’d call it a body conditioning programme.  It helps to change the way that we move. This is because we don’t focus on the superficial muscles but instead the deep postural muscles supporting the spine, shoulders and hips.”


In addition to improving body movement, Pilates has been recognised as a remedy for ailments experienced within the body, with sessions easing discomfort and alleviating pain. Pilates is a well-respected form of medical treatment, with physios often recommending that their patients attend sessions to enhance recovery.

“Pilates helps with postural problems. Most people with back issues or hip issues don’t hold their body in the right way. Also, if you’ve had a sports injury, or if you’ve got a common condition such as arthritis, Pilates can assist with issues within the body – that’s why many people choose to come.”

Lauri takes great pleasure in the diversity amongst her clientele, with her classes attracting couples on the lookout for a shared interest whereby they can spend time together and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I do get quite a few husband and wife teams signing up to the classes, which is nice and a few couples are coming along!

“Generally speaking, ages of my clients vary depending on what time the classes are taking place, but each class has shared benefits: It’s an opportunity to exercise safely, at a suitable level for each individual whilst being closely supervised and still being challenged.

“I don’t think many people appreciate how much the brain is used during Pilates because it requires a great deal of concentration. People seem to be enjoying the challenges I pose because I have a host of loyal customers who return regularly.”

Before forming her business, Lauri was working in a role whereby she was unfulfilled, prompting her decision to begin a career whereby she could embrace her passion for a living. Since branching out into the entrepreneurial world, she’s gone from strength to strength, with her Pilates groups proving hugely popular.

“I didn’t find my former job fulfilling at all; I read an article which promoted turning hobbies into a career. One of the pieces was about a lady who had set up a Pilates business and I thought: ‘I could do that!’“Initially, I was offered a class in Wilmslow, and with lots of hard work, things have just blossomed. It’s scary at times, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it’s been a life choice that I wouldn’t change.”  

As the fourteenth-anniversary approaches, Lauri North Pilates has been a resounding success. As the saying goes: ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’; while there’ll be plans to develop the company at some point, Lauri is enjoying the current successes that are coming her way.

“For the time being, I don’t have plans to make significant changes to the way that I’m running the business; I’m enjoying the way that things are for the time being. However, perhaps eighteen months to two years down the line, I’ll consider taking another instructor on board so I can offer more classes.”

Lauri North Pilates would be delighted to welcome you if you’re looking for a hobby whereby you can socialise and keep fit, irrespective of your skillset. Call 07715 109 919 or email [email protected] to book your spot. Alternatively, more information can be found on the website.  

Call: 07715 109 919

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurinorthpilates/

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.laurinorthpilates.co.uk

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