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5 Oct 2017

Moxie Mok-see/noun; energy, initiative, positive attitude and know how – that’s Moxie Mingle Networking Events run by Wendy Green founder of I Love Bramhall & I Love Cheadle Hulme

Moxie is a professional social networking organization run by Bramhall’s own Wendy Green. It’s a networking group that requires no hard sell, no referrals required, no membership, no commitment and it is open to all sectors of business.  You can meet sole traders and decision makers from the larger organisation.  The end of the day Moxie is all about developing those all important business relationships and making connections.

Moxie Mingle

Five years ago, Wendy Green founder and host of Moxie started her events to support local businesses but also to support her Girl Friday business.  Little did she know then that Moxie would become the successful brand and event it is today.  Moxies are a mainstay networking event for businesses in and around Bramhall and south Manchester.  They are social, casual, yet professional networking events that allow people to build those all-important business relationships and in many cases, friendships.

Moxie - Gusto

Wendy has an uncanny knack of remembering the name and business of every person that walks over the Moxie event threshold.  I contribute this to the fact that one, she does her homework about her guests and two, she cares.  It is important to Wendy that people and their businesses actually benefit from her events.  She is so pleased when people share with her business or services that have been exchanged as a result of her events and introduction.

Desired Physique

When we discussed the actual Moxie events this is what they shared. I had the opportunity to chat with some regular Moxie Minglers. Here is what they have to say about Wendy and the benefits of the Moxie events:

Claire Willmott, Joint Director with Hayley Ekgren –  Your Support Team

“What we love about going to the Moxies is it is relaxed, informal and friendly.  Because they are local it makes it easy to drop in. A majority of the clients we now work with are through Moxie and I Love Bramhall.  We find this creates a “team feeling”.   It is nice to have a team around you that you network with, get advice from, bounce ideas off of, and we trust.  We all seem to share the desire to help businesses within our local community.”

Chelsea Shoesmith of Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

You will see Chelsea on the other side of the camera as she is the official photographer for Moxie.  With that being said, she has benefited greatly from Moxie.  She is an award-winning wedding photographer but through Moxie she has expanded her business to include clients such as Chili Banana, Dzinr, and Juniper Café to name a few.  Chelsea’s observations of Wendy at the Moxies are its not just a numbers game for Wendy.  She is committed to connecting the right people and she does this because she understands her guests businesses.  Basically, she cares.


Steve Raynor, Director of Zool

When Steve started going to Moxie he was a new start-up business.  Through Moxie he quickly made new useful contacts in the area.  He never found it awkward that the events are not industry exclusive.  As a result, he has done some collaborative work with companies in the same or similar industry as his through Moxie.  He benefits from the repeat of the regulars to Moxie along with the mix of new companies filtering through.  It makes it easier to develop and maintain business relationships and as a result has received spin-off of new business from people at Moxie. Many seeds of business have started as a result of Wendy and the Moxie events. He has done or is currently working with or using the services of Dzinr, Your Support Team, Prestige Logic, In Accountancy, I Love Bramhall and I Love Cheadle Hulme to name a few.

He commented on the friendliness, good people, decent sized businesses, great venues and attended by mainly the decision makers provides a good value to the events.  The link to two others of Wendy’s products, I Love Bramhall and I Love Cheadle Hulme, to be very helpful.

Sarah Harkness, Director, In-Accountancy

Moxie events are a wonderful way of meeting people and building your business network.  Their relaxed and informal style is so welcoming and inclusive.  There’s simply no stuffiness with Wendy and her events.  She makes sure everyone is introduced and balances this well with unstructured mingling time.  I also love the true fact, that she hosts her events on a mix of days and time that allows maximum flexibility for busy people in different local venues, promoting them and giving us a chance to check them out.  All the attendees tend to be just lovely too.  It’s a genuine mingling environment vs people trying to sell at you!”

Lee Partington, Owner of Fleet Costs Solutions

Moxie is not a one hit wonder but a process.  I do not like networking, it doesn’t suit me unless you have a specific type of product.  Your personality doesn’t come across in some types of networking events. Moxie is an organically driven referral event.  You have the opportunity to get to know the person/people organically and build up a trust with them.  People do buy from people.

If you don’t like networking and the pressure of selling your product but you are good at being you then Moxie is for you.”


As Wendy is the heart and soul of Moxie I asked people to give me some adjectives to describe Wendy this is what they came up with:

Wendy is enthusiastic, community spirited, connector, humble, ambitious, persistent, thorough, driven, perfectionist, relaxed, bubbly, fair, charitable, refreshing, friendly, supportive, a great networker, pillar of the community.

I Love Cheadle Hulme

I do hope this gives you a flavour of Wendy and her Moxie events.  If you would like to attend one of the Moxie events please feel more than welcome.

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