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15 Jan 2020

New year resolutions are often dominated by exercise and nutrition, with some deciding to make a conscious effort to treat pre-existing health conditions, while others regularly decide to attempt to improve their general fitness.

Cheadle Hulme based Oak Health is well equipped to provide clients with the high-quality care and service needed to fulfil both requirements. Oak Health was formed by Wes Tubb, a qualified personal trainer, osteopath and fitness enthusiast. After leaving the Royal Military Police, Wes decided to combine his extensive knowledge of the human body and exercise in his new business venture.

Oak Health

Wez Tubb

“When I was younger, I left compulsory education and decided not to go to college or university. Instead, I joined the army at the age of seventeen, where I became aware of the importance of fitness and health.

“After leaving the army, working in health and wellbeing seemed like a natural progression for me. In 2001, I worked in a gym for the first time; I’ve since worked locally, in Dubai and have spent the last twelve years in London.”

Oak Health

With ambitions to further enhance his career prospects, personal knowledge and offerings for his prospective clientele, Wes enrolled in the British School of Osteopathy, where he completed an MA in Osteopathy, whilst working part-time.

Moreover, he has since further supplemented his credentials, completing a postgraduate certificate in Paediatric and Childhood Health from the prestigious Imperial College London, as well as courses in paediatric osteopathy with the distinguished osteopath, Caroline Stone.


Wes’ hard work and commitment to his profession have paid dividends; Oak Health has provided an array of bespoke osteopathy, as well as personal training services, to a breadth of satisfied clients. The aspiring consultant provided an insight into his specialist areas, describing the services available for his clientele.

“Personal training focuses on general fitness and offers one-to-one fitness training for a client; these exercises are often based around weight training, boxing exercises, or circuits.

“On the other hand, osteopathy is a form of manual therapy, more like a chiropractor or a physiotherapist and is often used by people with back and neck pain.”

Oak Health

Osteopathy and personal training are both specialist areas, nonetheless, the respective markets are both highly competitive. In fact, in March 2019, over five-thousand specialists were listed on the UK Statutory Register of Osteopaths. With the market arguably saturated, how does Oak Therapy differentiate its services from that of rival companies?

“There are a lot of osteopaths and there are a lot of personal trainers. However, there aren’t a lot of personal trainers who are also osteopaths. An osteopath may be good at knowing how to offer treatment to a client but fall short as far as exercise and rehabilitation are concerned.

“Thankfully, Oak Health offers clients the benefit and reassurance knowing that they’re having a consultation with somebody who’s fully qualified and experienced in both areas.”

Oak Health

Since the formation of his practice, Wes Tubb’s diversity extends further than the services that his company provides, with his broad client base comprising from babies, young children and adults a further indicator of his credentials and versatility.

With more people in contemporary society acknowledging the importance of good health, and the afflictions of bad diet and lack of exercise, the number of osteopaths and personal trainers in the market are showing no signs of diminishing. Still, Oak Health shows no signs of waning, despite strong competition.

“I’m a firm believer that the founder of a company needs personality to be a success; a business owner may be the best personal trainer or osteopath in the world, but if they don’t have a bond with your clients, then I believe that they’ll struggle.

“Thankfully, this is where I think Oak Health thrives as a business. Not only do I apply my knowledge to help my clients, but I also like to build a rapport whilst doing so. I take time, more so in the case of osteopathy, the avoid the use of too much jargon and technical terms, to make sure that I communicate a message in a manner that my clients understand.”

It’s been a seamless transition into the business ownership for Wes Tubb, with Oak Health enjoying a blossoming reputation. Subsequently, the company’s forward-thinking founder has also combined his passion for golf and fitness, forming Cheshire Golf Performance, an enterprise providing golfers with fitness training, mindset training and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Are you keen to fulfil your optimum level of fitness? Do you need help alleviating pain or discomfort? Contact Oak Health for more information on how to begin your bespoke program

Oak Health


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