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17 Sep 2019

Cheadle Hulme and its surrounding areas have been blessed with an array of wonderful eateries. However, enjoying a meal in the comfort of your own home can be hard to beat, as customers at pizza specialists Papa Johns will testify.

Located in Cheadle Hulme, Papa Johns are dedicated to cooking up fresh, delicious pizzas for their customers. Such is the quality of the food on offer, that the Cheadle Hulme branch continues to compete with well-established competitors such as Pizza Express and Pizza Hut Delivery.

Harbouring dreams of a career in the food and drink industry, the manager at Papa Johns Cheadle Hulme learned the ropes in Ireland, before beginning his venture as a Papa Johns franchisee:

“Initially, I worked for a rival company in Dublin, whilst completing my degree in Business. However, I was always keen to become my boss and build my career. So, I came from Ireland and invested in Papa Johns in the UK in 2007.”

Such was the magnitude of the move from a personal and financial perspective, Amit needed to identify the perfect investment opportunity to make the risk worthwhile; with an abundance of options available, Papa Johns immediately appealed for the budding businessman:

Papa Johns is the third biggest pizza chain in the UK. They’re progressing quickly and have fantastic plans for expansion; forty to fifty stores are opening per year.” 

Although some might say that it’s difficult for a pizza company to truly differentiate itself from its rivals, in the eyes of Amit, Papa Johns ousts the competition in terms of quality:

“I looked at the product and could see that it surpassed that of its competitors. I have worked in many companies before and there’s a distinct difference. All pizzas are handcrafted, the dough is always fresh, never frozen, and the vegetables are freshly chopped in-store. The sauce is also freshly prepared.”

An experienced worker in the pizza industry, Amit is passionate about the delivery of top-quality pizzas; compromising quality to offer a faster delivery time is simply not an option, as he strives to provide the best pizza in the Cheadle Hulme area:

“I’m a master of this industry. I’ve worked my way from the bottom level and worked right to the top level. I know the pizza game from back to front, and know which procedures and guidelines need to be put in place for success.”

Founded in 1984, Papa Johns has established itself as one of the leading pizza delivery companies. Nonetheless, the company continues to exist in a highly competitive global industry, jostling for top spot alongside food giants Pizza Hut and Dominos, formed in 1958 and 1960, respectively. Nonetheless, Amit remains undeterred, maintaining his stance that Papa Johns is unrivalled in terms of quality and overall customer service:

“There’s no point in preparing an amazing pizza and delivering it forty-five minutes later because the quality will deteriorate. We get our pizza in the oven within four minutes of the pizza being prepared and deliver it within twenty-five minutes of it being cooked. However, we’ll never compromise on quality for speed. Even if it’s busier, we’ll make sure that the product is right – we focus on consistent service.”

Papa Johns may be in a period of continual growth, however, the company has fought stiff competition from more experienced brands, forming a stellar reputation in the process. The proverbial new kid on the block has grand plans to maintain its period of growth and compete, as explained by Amit:

“It’s a journey, not a destination. We’re fifteen years behind and can only open so many stores. Currently, we have four hundred and thirty stores, and that’s an amazing accomplishment in a short amount of time. As more stores open, more people will realise exactly what a fantastic product Papa Johns provides.”

Special offers and exclusive deals are commonplace in the food industry, and Papa Johns doesn’t disrupt the status quo. Customers can tuck into delicious pizzas at a discounted rate, thanks to a 50% reduction on a Tuesday.

Are you ready to tuck in? Call 0161 482 8080 to place your order.

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