I LOVE Rainbow88 Cheadle Hulme even MORE!

1 Oct 2017

Exciting times are ahead for pocket powerhouse and charity champion, Linda Lam and her incredibly successful restaurant, Rainbow88 Cheadle Hulme, in the shopping centre.

Rainbow 88

Here’s what we wrote about their 16th Anniversary!

Rainbow88Cheadle Hulme  recently celebrated their 16th anniversary, in classic Linda Lam style, with a truly fabulous party night supported by fellow business people, friends, locals, ‘Mummy’ Lam and even the Chinese Consulate – while as ever, raising money for a very good cause. There’s always a warm and genuine welcome at Rainbow88 and the restaurant itself is beautifully bright and spacious as well as spotlessly clean and fresh. In fact, it’s very inviting, with a lovely atmosphere – all backed up with excellent food and superb service. A fairly recent refurbishment saw the addition of a comfy waiting area, sumptuous booths and as a smart, new, well-stocked bar – watch out for Linda’s cocktails!

Back in 1999, when Linda opened Rainbow88  Cheadle Hulme (the name derived from Linda’s Chinese name, ‘Choy’ meaning ‘colourful’, as well as a tribute to the Rainbow Trust, while the 88 means double good luck in Chinese culture) she was on her own with a small child and no family around. However, she knew that, despite the massive responsibilities, daunting financial pressures and downright hard work that she could do it – she wanted to stay here, not run back to Hong Kong. Linda and her daughter, Yasmin, lived locally and loved the Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall area (Linda is particularly full of praise for our schools, a major factor in wanting to stay). Fortunately, one of the shopping centre’s landlords, who knew Linda from the restaurant she managed in Hazel Grove, knew she could, too. The River Fortune had just closed, the unit in the shopping centre was about to become available and was being opened up at the back – and the rest is history.”

Rainbow88 Cheadle Hulme are now approaching their 18th anniversary, and things are only getting bigger and better!

This may come as a surprise to some, as it would seem that there have been rumours that Linda may have been stepping back or slowing down in some way. As if that could be true! Like Linda herself says, how could she possibly carry on her tireless work for local charities if she were to step back? In fact, in order to offer even more, and to open longer hours to fit in with what customers want – as well to make Rainbow88 Cheadle Hulme even better – Linda has hand-picked a new business partner. Steven has worked locally for many years and promises to be way more than ‘just a partner’. They’ve also recuited a talented head chef who used to have his own restaurant in China, who starts work today, too.

Steven and Linda’s partnership begins officially TODAY, the 1st October so it’s the perfect day to sample the delights of the famous Rainbow buffet! Rainbow’s 18th anniversary party – supporting Paint Cheadle Hulme Pink and Prevent Breast Cancer – will be on Sunday 15 October and is set to be a perfect night. Excellent entertainment, fabulous food, brilliant atmosphere and first class customer service – what’s not to love?

The already superb menu is sure to be further expanded – there will be plenty added. Linda assures us that any changes won’t happen overnight, but will happen fairly organically – and only with her loyal customers’ full seal of approval! Like Linda, Steven is absolutely passionate about service – and food. So, will this development herald a new broom sweeping clean? Certainly not, says Linda. It will just mean even more and even better! Linda’s charity work and fabulous, fun evenings will continue, as will the ever popular Sunday buffet. The function room is still available and sits around 40, but bigger parties are welcome to book out more of the restaurant. Just talk to Linda – or Steven – and Team Rainbow88 will bend over backwards to help and accommodate you – and to make your function special.

That’s perhaps Linda’s talent – and Rainbow88’s USP – the ability to make everyone welcome, to make every guest feel important and to make every event special, and Steven’s input will only add to that. Perhaps you’ve not tried Rainbow88 for a while. We can safely say it’s time to give them another try. You’re sure to be impressed.

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