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17 Jun 2019

While the 2008 recession signalled the end of an era for an abundance of business owners, Cheadle Hulme company Short Construction transformed a potential economic plight into an opportunity to embark on an enthralling business adventure.

Lesley and Adrian Short have solidified their reputation in the construction sector since identifying a gap in the market ten years ago, with Lesley providing a background of how the company came to fruition:

Short Construction

“Initially, Adrian had worked for various companies as a quantity surveyor and project manager; he worked for a property development company, who bought built houses and were responsible for the sale of the houses. However, the recession then hit, and this had an impact on the market. At this point, we saw a gap in the market, as people weren’t necessarily buying houses, rather choosing to stay put due to the recession and spending money on their existing properties.”

Short Construction

As the recession grew weaker, Short Construction grew stronger, with the company’s current setup a far cry from its humble beginnings: Adrian made the decision to start up on his own, working from the kitchen table. The first job was a substantial extension on Broadway in Bramhall; Adrian fully modernised and renovated the house himself, initially with one site manager – we now have multiple site managers and have the capacity to run ten projects concurrently. We’ve expanded to fantastic offices in Cheadle Hulme to accommodate the larger workload, where we have a team of thirty amazing staff.

Short Construction

Short Construction strives to offer premium services for prospective clients, with Lesley highlighting the broad range of options readily available for owners hoping to inject some zest into their home:

“We work on full house renovations, one-off bespoke projects, as well as smaller projects; as was the case when we first started the business, we help people who want to extend their house and invest money to enhance their current property, but as things have got bigger we’ve also began to take on larger scale work for commercial and office properties.”

Short Construction

With the property market gradually coming back to the fore, it’s been suggested that the sector is saturated with building companies vying for attention, yet Short Construction demonstrate a certain charm and dedication that distinguishes itself from the competition; the company is built on foundations of authenticity, dedication and a passion to provide the customer with a unique, bespoke experience:

“We help with the whole project and are with our clients every step of the way,” Lesley said, “Upon being provided with the drawings from the architect, we provide highly-competitive prices for kitchens, bathrooms, windows and help customers scale the costs in the event that the price is out of their budget. We also assign a full-time site manager to the build for the duration of each day to oversee the project and ensure that the building work meets safety regulations.”

Short ConstructionAdrian and Lesley have enjoyed notable successes since their company’s inception, with their dedicated approach and professional disposition endearing them to a diverse client base. As the local business partners plot further their company’s next point of progression, it seems inevitable that Short Construction’s impressive reputation within the market will surpass all heights.

Short Construction

Short Construction

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