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24 Feb 2018

Station Road Opticians are not just the NEW kids on the block. They’re definitely the COOL kids. Aiming to be totally different from other local opticians, they’re the cool eyewear specialists – their service is not just health-focussed. Station Road Optician is a veritable boutique for eyewear.

Owner Deepak is also the face and driving force behind Albert Road optician in Wilmslow, and realised that people were coming from the Cheadle and Bramhall areas – and beyond – for his service and incredible range of specs. He decided to give his clients what they wanted – a little closer to home and the idea of Station Road optician was born.

Station Road Optician

The premises Deepak found – on Station Road, obviously – just next to Oak Meadow and very usefully neighbouring Coco Deli – were ideal in both size, location and frontage, so it was all systems go. Inside -as well as a warm welcome, excellent coffee and first-class service – the décor is perfect. Like Station Road Optician, the interior designers were chosen for being renowned for ‘doing things differently’. They’ve certainly fulfilled the brief.

Station Road Optician

Deepak, Marcus, Rachelle and Jackie are passionate about eyewear and absolutely practice what they preach. They all rock stylish glasses – and they all look good doing so. As Deepak explains ‘glasses are an accessory, the equivalent of jewellery for your face’. After all, people spend a fortune on way less important accessories – but your glasses should literally frame your face. Deepak and the team want you to WANT to put your glasses on – and they’ll only be happy when you are.

Station Road Optician

They have one simple ethos, ‘Their reputation walks around on your face’. Once you commit to being a Station Road client, they will do their upmost to get it right, whatever it takes. This is the reason they have won Best Customer Service for their Albert Road branch for 2 years running.

Station Road Optician

Going back to the earlier statement that Station Road Opticians are not just health focussed – they still ARE health focussed, but with style right up there too. With Station Road, it’s about

  • *A truly personal service
  • *Individuality
  • *Taking time

The average sight test takes about twenty-five minutes, usually. At Station Road Optician, it’s forty-five minutes plus. They want to get it right. Their equipment is hospital grade. After all, eye tests and visual health can indicate many more conditions and potential problems well before other symptoms are evident. Eye tests can literally save lives – not just eyesight. Clients cite the ‘quality and thoroughness’ of the eye tests at Station Road Optician.

Station Road Optician

The Station Road team really get to know their clients and it’s really a case of quality over quantity – they’ll see perhaps 8-10 people per day, not the 30+ that some of the bigger brands do. They really are experts in their field, and training is niche and ongoing – for everyone. ‘From the top down’, as Deepak puts it. The Albert Road branch has won awards – and Station Road is sure to follow.

Everyone at Station Road Optician loves Cheadle Hulme. Marcus and Rachelle have both worked here for a long time and live nearby too. From nights out at Rainbow88 or drinks in the Chiverton Tap, they love the community and the variety of businesses.

Station Road Optician

Keep your eyes open – the signage will change on a regular basis, as will little treats and offers (like the recent Valentine manicures) and the guys will all be getting involved in our community. They want to be more than just a business – they want to be part of Cheadle Hulme. Mission – so far – accomplished!

SPECIAL OFFER – Purchase a pair of sunglasses (frames only) and receive FREE prescription lenses. This amazing offer carries a value of £170!

Book in now and let our professional and friendly team help you select the perfect pair, hurry this fabulous offer expires at the end of April 2018.

Station Rd Opticians

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