I LOVE Street Parties in Cheadle Hulme!

20 Jun 2016

Once more, Cheadle Hulme showed just exactly why I love our village so much – and why so many other people want to come and live here. This weekend, despite being a wash-out weather wise, saw street parties held in several of our neighbourhoods, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Arleymere Close - Street Party

Following the Queen’s actual birthday in April, which we were honoured to celebrate with the Bramhall Lunch Club, the Queen’s official birthday is always celebrated on a Saturday in June. This tradition was begun by George II in 1748. He felt the weather around his November birthday would not befit a parade and so decided his celebrations should coincide with the Trooping of the Colour. Oh, the irony, given this weekend’s weather! But did Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall let a bit of rain stop play? They did not!

Summerlea - Street Party


Coral Road, just off Heathbank Road really know how to party. This was their third street party in five years – they have a fabulous community spirit there. The bunting went from house to house, really setting the scene and most of the individual houses were decorated, too. Early morning saw deliveries of bouncy castle, 75’ long inflatable obstacle course (yes, the adults DID have a go!) and a rather delicious array of sandwiches, pastries and traybakes from the very lovely Fountains Road Café. According to around 30 or 40 children, from age 2 to nearly 16, the water just added to the fun of the obstacle course! The doughnut challenge was also a roaring success! Once the rain eased off, the whole road came out to play and the Pimms began to flow.

Coral Rd - Street Party

Another road bursting with community spirit is Summerlea, a little cul-de-sac just off Ack Lane. They too have a tradition of street parties, having also celebrated the last Royal Wedding and the Diamond Jubilee. Summerlea is a lovely friendly road with a real mix of ages – indeed, Sunday’s street party was a bit of a joint do as resident Margaret also celebrated her 90th birthday with the Queen! With just fourteen houses on the road, residents brought their own food and drink but shared around as well. Organised by Caroline, Kirsty and Audra with the aim of bringing everyone together, it certainly achieved that. Just who DID win Pin the Tail on the Corgi?

Summerlea - Street Party

Oak Avenue, leading to the scout hut and Maple Park, had a little street party, as did Arleymere Close. Arleymere’s was also to watch England’s first game in the Euros – they had a projector and screen in the gazebo! Swann Lane URC had been planning a street party on the Saturday but sensibly moved everything indoors. With cakes and games aplenty, a fun time was had by all!

Did you have a street party? Is your road as full of community spirit as those we’ve mentioned? Let us know, and send us some pictures!  to [email protected]

Events such as these are just some of the reasons why I Love Cheadle Hulme

Arleymere Close.

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