I LOVE the Fourth of July in Cheadle Hulme

3 Jul 2020

As the 4th July – which henceforth will be known in the UK as Indepubanddance Day – dawns we are all getting giddy at getting back out and about in our village. Who else just cannot wait for a chilled glass of wine with friends, in a sunny beer garden or a cosy bar?

Well, before you head out, we’ve set our team to work to find out not just who’s open and when, but also how. As we all embrace this new and ever-evolving normal, not everyone is ready to open, and those that are will have many restrictions and conditions imposed upon them – please, please bear with them.

Cheadle Hulme Bar

Service is likely to take longer, mistakes may be made – this is uncharted territory for all of us.  Be patient, be kind (how soon some people forgot THAT) and be understanding. Remember, the rules weren’t imposed by the businesses themselves, or by the people who work for them. And even if you don’t agree with those rules, they are there for the safety of everyone – the staff AND customers.

4 July Saturday

  • Archive: Bar and takeaway drinks – max 6 per table – booking advised
  • Garam Masala: Eat-in and takeaway – booking advised
  • John Millington: Eat-in & outdoor seating – dining only
  • Kings Tap: Bar – in and outdoor seating – fully booked
  • Loona: Eat-in & outdoor seating and takeaway – Booking advised
  • March Hare: Bar and Eat-in – max 6 people – Booking essential
  • Platform 5: Bar & Eat-in and outdoor seating
  • Pointing Dog: Bar & Eat-in and takeaway – max 6 people – fully booked for dining
  • Rainbow88: Eat-in and takeaway – booking required
  • Tangs: Eat-in and takeaway – booking advised
  • The Church Inn: Bar, Eat-in and takeway – in and outdoor seating – Booking required
  • The Chiverton Tap – Bar – very limited evening slots
  • Trattoria D’Agostino: Eat-in – fully booked

The hospitality industry is under immense pressure – and immense scrutiny. Please don’t criticise – and if you do think mistakes are made, a quiet word is the way forward, not a social media post. Conversely, when a pub, bar or restaurant (or any small business, for that matter) has provided great service, shout it from the rooftops. They’re going to need all the help we can give them.

6 July Monday

13 July Monday

  • The Hesketh: Eat-in & outdoor seating – Bar opening 20 July

End of  July

This list is subject to change, so we would advise contacting your chosen eatery or hostelry in advance, and booking a slot or a table if necessary. Cheers!


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