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29 Mar 2016

Jemma and Jane, who own the Retreat Rooms on the corner of Church Road and Woodfield Road in Cheadle Hulme, are soon to celebrate their first birthday in business. As with many of our favourite businesses, it seems much longer!

If you’ve not visited yet, you’re really missing a treat. The Retreat Rooms are an absolute oasis of serenity and relaxation and one of our favourite shops in Cheadle Hulme! The décor is exquisite, set off with beautiful mirrors and lights. There’s a sumptuous squashy sofa just in case you have a little wait – plus further comfy areas for chilling after a treatment. The friendly welcome is every bit as lovely…

retreat reception

Jemma and Jane noticed the empty shop towards the end of 2014, and realised it was the perfect location. Then the hard work really began! With just over four months of sheer hard graft over sixteen-hour days, that deserted space was transformed into a sanctuary. There was no slow start to the business though. With large, loyal client bases, they hit the ground running. The girls call this luck – I think it’s more about them and how good they are at what they do.

team retreat

Although the Retreat Rooms have only been open since April 2015, Jemma and Jane have plenty of experience. Jemma specialises in massage and holistics, while Jane is all about the beauty treatments. They really complement each other – and not just professionally. It’s clear that they’re a real team, having known each other for ages. That team vibe extends throughout the salon, making the Retreat Rooms a lovely place to be.

retreat nails

Jemma and Jane – and their team – all feel strongly, that as therapists, they’re looking after people. The beauty treatment side of things is about enhancing the natural, and clients are encouraged to sit and relax after treatments. The Retreat Rooms is currently the ONLY salon in Cheadle Hulme to offer CACI non-surgical face lift facials. They are also the only Espa salon round here – Jemma and Jane admit to be ‘obsessed’ with Espa. Espa products are 98-100% natural and are cruelty free. Espa facials really are something else, as I was lucky enough to discover:

retreat espa candles

“I was shown to the stunning treatment room, and given a plush, comfy chair while my therapist, Nour, asked about my skin. Then I was offered various Espa oils to smell – the idea being that my skin’s needs will guide my choice of oils. The facial was SO lovely – very calm and relaxing – and Nour treated various pressure points. The scent of the oils was divine and the whole experience felt very luxurious as well as prescriptive. There was also a gentle shoulder and neck massage and head massage included, so I practically floated out. I slept really well that night, and my skin looked fresher and firmer for days afterwards. Several people commented on it. I strongly suggest you treat yourself – you’ll be very glad you did!”

retreat espa room

The Retreat Rooms is more like a spa than a salon – and would be perfect for spa days or pamper parties. It’s not just for the girls, though. The Retreat Rooms also treat many male clients – with their signature Men’s Back Rescue being a firm favourite.

Jemma and Jane LOVE Cheadle Hulme, and knew it was the right place for their retreat. They both live – and went to school – locally. They’re particular fans of the Board Café Bar (Jane used to work from Salon 51, next door) and between them also love these restaurants in Cheadle HulmeChurch Inn, Pointing Dog and Gusto, as well as Salon 51 – of course!

It’s been a phenomenally successful first year for Jemma and Jane and the Retreat Rooms and that success looks set to continue. Their upcoming first birthday promises to be a sparkly affair! There will be goody bags, fizz and cupcakes as well as not-to-be-missed special offers:

*Ultimate Eye – HD brows and LVL lashes for just £50 instead of £68.

*20% off a full course of CACI, 15% off a maintenance course.

*The incredible ESPA Hero treatment for back, face, neck and scalp just £55 instead of £70.

Be sure to watch this space…

Visit : 14 Church Rd, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 7JB

Phone : 0161 486 6662

Email : [email protected]



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