I LOVE Tom and Benjie – our Paws in the Park Best in Show Winners!

2 Jun 2016

We all loved Cheadle Hulme’s Thomas and Benjie when we met them at I Love Bramhall and I Love Cheadle Hulme’s Paws in the Park spectacular dog show.

They proved a very popular and VERY deserving Best in Show Team, following their victory in the Best Rescue class. It’s often said that ‘rescue dogs love you more’, and watching Benjie gaze soulfully into Tom’s eyes, I have to think there’s some truth in that,Paws in the Park

I Love Cheadle Hulme caught up with Tom and Benjie over coffee at Jon Paul’s Turves Road café. Benjie is clearly enjoying his new found fame as everyone came over to fuss him! He’s a lovely friendly dog who is genuinely unfazed by anything – and who clearly loves his owner and rescuer. So how did Tom and Benjie find each other?

Tom tells me he had a really rough time, four years ago. He went into hospital for what should’ve been a routine hernia operation, but everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. He ended up staying in hospital for nine months, undergoing four more major operations. He was on life support at one point, and not expected to survive. He lost his business, his home and his marriage broke up. Somehow, against the odds, he made it – albeit with an open wound for a year.

Having had Bedlington terriers previously, Tom thought he was too old to have dogs again, and life was still very difficult. However, when a friend called from Lancashire to say he’d found a Bedlington in need of help, Tom couldn’t help himself and went to check on the dog. The rest is history! Tom tells me with no word of exaggeration that Benjie has given him a new lease of life, a real reason for living. It’s all too clear to see that Tom has done the same for Benjie, who needed a lot of tlc and veterinary treatment. He now excels at his obedience and agility training.

Paws in the Park

Tom still has his hernia, but his get-on-with-it attitude is an inspiration. Anyone who watched him dig his own carp pond could testify to that! His life revolves around Benjie and their walks in local parks, where he’ll stop and chat with everyone. They’ve made some fantastic doggy friends!

Tom’s been in Cheadle Hulme forty-five years now, deciding to settle here when he worked on building the Hursthead estate! He loves Cheadle Hulme, and enjoys living near the cricket club. As a farmer’s son, he particularly appreciates the beautiful countryside on our doorstep. He thinks our little independent shops are wonderful and would love to see more thrive.

Benjie’s tail barely stops wagging during our meeting. Their bond makes you believe that some things are just meant to happen. If you see them walking around Cheadle Hulme or Bramhall, do stop for a chat, You’ll make their day. And you never know, they just may make yours, too.

Paws in the Park

The Winners

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