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8 Sep 2018

Transform Personal Training in Cheadle Hulme is now in its fifth year, and Esther’s considerable energy and determination are still going strong – literally.
Those qualities make her a great trainer and Esther does everything possible to achieve results, whether through PT, boot camps or HIIT Metafit classes.

Transform PT

Transform specialises in Personal Training, weight management, nutritional coaching and general well-being. Esther knows that everyone can achieve their goals with the right advice, guidance and support – so long as they put the work in. Her ethos is simple – ‘transform your mind, body and energy’.

Clients can train at Esther’s fabulous home-based and purpose-built gym, right here in Cheadle Hulme. However, Transform’s HIIT Metafit classes will REALLY help to shred the fat and obliterate the pounds.

Transform PT

Lose Weight, Burn Fat with HIIT

What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is a training technique in which you give total, sweaty, 100% effort through rapid, concentrated bursts of exercise. Those intense bursts are interspersed with brief, sometimes active, recovery periods. By training in this way, the heart rate is raised and it stays raised, so burning LOADS more fat in MUCH less time.

Such high-intensity training ups the body’s demand for oxygen, creating an oxygen ‘shortage’ and this causes the body to demand more oxygen in the recovery period. This is known as ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’, or EPOC. That’s why intense exercise burns more calories – and ultimately fat – than your average, everyday workout.

Transform PT

Benefits of HIIT:

  • 1. Boosts Your Metabolism: HIIT results in EPOC, which gets the metabolic rate up and this benefit can last for up to 48 hours after a session! HIIT is the workout that keeps on working out.
  • 2. It’s Quick and it’s Convenient: No more excuses because with HIIT, everyone has time for exercise. This is a fantastically effective workout in less than half-an-hour.
  • 3. No Equipment Needed: No weights or kettlebells? No problem! HIIT workouts can work using only your body weight, as the focus is on increasing the heart rate and keeping it up. Regular HIIT workouts can result in optimum muscle building and retention as well as burning loads of calories and shredding that fat.
  • 4. Do It Anywhere: Build on the benefit of Esther’s Transform HIIT sessions and use the techniques she gives you to do a couple more sessions at home, in your lunch hour or out walking the dogs…
  • 5. Anyone Can Do It: HIIT workouts can be customised for any age, ability and level of fitness so everyone can benefit. Transform HIIT Metafit classes are every Tuesday, 7pm at Cheadle College and every Saturday, 8am at Cheadle Village Hall.

Banish the Mum Tum

Esther is also an expert in pre- and post-natal training. Transform Mum and Baby classes are lovely – the kids are welcome to join in (thus learning early that fitness is fun) and Esther will often mind the babies while the mums enjoy their workout. ANYONE can make time to get fit – and lack of fitness is no excuse either. Esther will tailor-make an effective fitness programme for everyone. Mums and Babies is on at 10am, every Monday and Wednesday at Cheadle Village Hall.

Transform PT

A Highly Recommended Cheadle Hulme PT

Esther is one of Cheadle Hulme’s most often-recommended Personal Trainers. Her clients all know each other, support each other and have become firm friends. Esther organised a Fashion Show last year for 1000 Hearts for Harry. Her clients were the models, loving every minute. This year Esther went even bigger and better, incorporating the Fashion Show into a huge family fun day. The considerable amount raised will provide much-needed heart testing and defibrillators locally.

Transform Personal Training

Transform with Esther starts at 6am for those who work long days and there are classes every evening. As Esther says: ‘No more excuses. Get in touch!’

Transform Personal Training

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