I Love Zumba® with Fiona Cheadle Hulme!

27 Feb 2016

Our very own Kate Godfrey decides to see what Zumba® is all about and heads to Zumba® Fitness with Fiona Watson

Like a lot of people, I have a fairly morbid fear of organised fitness classes, so it was with some trepidation that I decided the best way to get to know Fiona, and her Cheadle Hulme Zumba® classes, would be to actually join a class. Those of you who know me well may remember the last fitness class I used to attend regularly was Jag fitness at what is now Life Leisure Cheadle Hulme and that was quite some time ago…

Low Impact

I decided that Fiona’s Thursday Class – described as a relatively low-impact, entry level session – would be most appropriate given my previous exercise class history (that, and the fact that coordination’s not necessarily my thing. In fact, I’m renowned for my ability to fall over fresh air…). Well, it was nothing short of a REVELATION! No one laughed at me, everyone was lovely and friendly. The class was a delightful mix of age, ability and fitness level – from maybe thirty something up to retirees. All had one thing in common – they were genuinely warm and welcoming. No lycra-clad mean girls here! It was abundantly apparent that everyone really enjoyed their session, and everyone felt totally comfortable, regardless of ability (or lack thereof). Fiona also runs other classes for those with a little more experience and/or fitness and will be happy to introduce more.

I say no one laughed at me – to be honest, no one even looked. Everyone was simply getting on with it, which is the mark of a good exercise class. The forty-five minutes simply flew past, and although it wasn’t over taxing, I certainly knew I’d exercised – and I’m fairly sure my calves will know it tomorrow, too! Those with pedometers or FitBits were very impressed at the steps taken and calories burned! Fiona is a lovely, enthusiastic – and forgiving – instructor, or ZINTM, to give her the correct title. Those of us who weren’t getting it quite right were told ‘I love that you’re putting your own style on it!’. Yep. THAT’S what I was doing, honest!

Fiona Zumba

LOVE Zumba®

I caught up with Fiona for coffee later, and she explained that, although she has an extensive dance background and, some years ago, qualified to teach ballet, tap and modern dance, she came to Zumba® during a tough time in her life and, as she puts it, simply fell in love. Zumba® offered her a way of getting back to dance, with no pressure, nothing but fun and it brought her an oasis of calm and sanity. It was the leader of that class who suggested Fiona should train as a Zumba® instructor, and the rest, as they say, is history. She’s a ZINTM, meaning she’s not only qualified but also gets regularly updated official Zumba® music and choreography so her classes are constantly evolving – new developments include more poppy, ‘Bollywood’ and Caribbean styles as well as the more traditional Latin American.

Fiona’s enthusiasm for her profession is almost tangible, and it’s infectious! She teaches Zumba® because – and I quote – she loves it. She’s a firm believer in a positive mental attitude and that giving will always bring good things back. She also loves that her pupils get so much from her classes – not just increased fitness and wellbeing (even those who take it at a slower pace are still moving, which is the aim of exercise after all) but many have made friends, too. Some are older people who perhaps don’t get out as much as they’d like, and even some people with aches, pains and slight disabilities are able to give it their best shot.”

Fiona Zumba

Fiona LOVES Cheadle Hulme

Fiona lives locally, and is full of praise for businesses and shops in Cheadle Hulme– in fact, she’s often seen sharing the Cheadle Hulme love on I Love Cheadle Hulme’s Facebook page. She uses many of our local shops, getting flowers from Daisies, gifts and furniture from Homebird, cake decorating supplies from Spreadboroughs and sportswear from F R Monkhouse. She also loves a rummage through our local charity shops (as they prove an excellent source of photography props and potential children’s costumes) and tells me her husband’s a big fan of the Chiverton Tap, and both frequent the Church Inn, Garam Massalla and John Millington. Cheadle Hulme Physio is a handy place for her too, and like many of us, her greengroceries are from Waterhouse’s and meat from Pimlott’s.

I may not have set the world alight, Zumba®-wise this morning, but I’ll get there. I know I will, because I’m now a convert and will be block booking – Fiona offers discounts on bookings of five sessions, and a free session for blocks of ten. Happily, these bookings don’t have to be used on consecutive weeks, so if you can’t make it one week it’s not a problem. I can’t wait for next time – why not join me? Simply turn up and pay as you go.

Classes at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church
Tuesday 10am (low level fitness)
Tuesday 6.15pm (medium level)
Thursday 10am (entry level)
078945 34653
[email protected]


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