I LOVED Touch and Go at Players Theatre, Cheadle Hulme

28 Sep 2016

We’ve already waxed lyrical about how lucky we are to have Players Theatre, our very own theatre, right here in Cheadle Hulme. Last night, I Love Cheadle Hulme got even luckier, as we caught Players Theatre’s latest production, the hilarious comedy, Touch and Go by Derek Benfield.

Players Theatre; a Hidden Gem…

If you’ve never been to Players Theatre before, then you’re really missing a treat. Described as a ‘hidden gem’, some Cheadle Hulme residents had no idea that Players Theatre even existed. Tucked away down Anfield Road – almost opposite the Kenilworth, and down by the side of Cheadle Tyre and Auto – there’s a roomy car park and easy access (including a stair lift and disabled toilet).

Players Theatre boasts a lounge bar and coffee lounge with meeting facilities, and an authentic theatre auditorium, with plush, comfy seating. Tickets are exceptionally reasonably priced. Treat yourself – Touch and Go runs until Saturday 1 October. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

In a nutshell – and without spoiling it for you – when Brian takes up jogging, wife Hilary is thrilled (Brian needs the exercise). However, it’s a subterfuge – Brian is actually seeing his girlfriend, Wendy, in his mate George’s flat. This works well as, while Brian’s with Wendy, George knows HE won’t be caught out with Brian’s wife, Hilary! Good times end abruptly, however, when George’s wife comes home early from America – and finds her flat occupied by Brian and Wendy. Thinking fast, Brian makes an almost-plausible excuse – but Jessica still has her suspicions…

One theatre goer, Joan Hill said she enjoyed a ‘warm, funny, convivial evening which the entire audience thoroughly enjoyed – naughty but nice!’

‘Farce is hard to get right and there were some moments when the couples stood to lose everything – but somehow managed to wriggle out of every situation which threatened their marriages.’

‘Good timing and recognition of our own frailties meant that moments of truth were highlighted by a talented cast.’


Another satisfied customer, local Hypnotherapist Julie Widdowson, was also full of praise:

‘A truly hilarious play in an enchanting intimate theatre. I can highly recommend The Players Theatre – I’m already looking forward to seeing future productions here!’


This is classic yet modern British farce at its best and we can HIGHLY recommend it – two hours absolutely full of fast-paced fun!

I Love Cheadle Hulme can hardly wait to see future Players productions!


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