I STILL Love the Chiverton Tap, Cheadle Hulme’s Only Micro Pub

22 Nov 2018

It’s now over three years since The Chiverton Tap was born. The micro-pub on Mellor Road is a real Cheadle Hulme success story. A roaring success, in fact…
Opened by Mary and Bob Ellis, the Chiv – Cheadle Hulme’s very first ‘micropub’ – is now very much part of Cheadle Hulme and our community. With the warmest of welcomes and an impressive clutch of honours to their name, the Chiv is a wonderful place to while away a night. Or an afternoon. Or both…

Chiverton Tap

As well as being small (but perfectly formed), the Chiverton Tap is a free house, not tied to a specific brewery. Mary and Bob had lots of help and support from the Bollington Brewery and Salford’s Outstanding Brewery, so their beers are always featured, along with many more. But it’s not just about the beer…

Chiverton Tap

A Taste for Gin (and vodka, or rum…)

There is also an ever growing – and ever more enticing – list of wines, gins, vodkas (including toffee, and even toffee apple), liqueurs and whiskies. Rum is really enjoying a comeback too – the Hidden Loot coconut rum is sure to be a hit. Mary suggests a ‘Lethal Lilt’, comprising the pineapple gin and grapefruit gin, topped with lemonade, while Bob recommended a ‘Magnum’, a delectable cream liqueur, a little like Bailey’s – but even nicer. There’s also Rhubarb-and-Custard – a shot of Rhubarb Vodka topped with American Cream Soda! Oh, go on then… Like the beers, these drinks are all from small, often North-West-based producers, too. Brewers have started approaching the Chiv, hoping to be featured.

More Than Just a Pub

The Chiverton Tap harks back to a traditional pub experience, but with a fantastic contemporary edge. There’s no bass-heavy music or intrusive tellies blaring football. The Chiv is all about the people, and the conversation. There are piles of books of every genre for visitors to browse or borrow, as well as board games. From traditional to modern classic to this year’s must-have, and virtually everything between. Several social groups meet in the Chiv, too. There’s a Book Group on the third Tuesday of the month, a Brew Club on the 2nd Tuesday and an Italian Conversation Group every 2nd Wednesday. Mary’s hoping to start a ladies’ darts team when the first-floor development is complete. The Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Business Mums are planning a tasting night there, too.

Chiverton Tap

Exciting Times

Talking of which, it’s an exciting time at the Chiv, as the development of the first floor begins in earnest. More space will be a game changer, and yet everything else will remain the same. Same ethos, same service and same great beers. Also, thanks to a void space connecting the floors, the same warm, community atmosphere. This means that, as well as ladies’ darts and the Business Mums, there’ll be plenty of room for:

  • • gin, rum or whisky tasting nights
    • carol singing, already a Christmas fixture at the Mounting Stone
    • clubs and groups
    • promotional events
    • quiz nights
    • and so much more!

As with every other aspect of the Chiv, Mary and Bob are open to suggestions and would LOVE to her your ideas for the new upstairs…

Chiverton Tap

A Pub for the People

Mary says, ‘The Chiverton Tap’s a place to meet, chat and drink good beer’. Or good wine, vodka, gin etc… It’s all good. Although having a pub was a lifelong ambition, The Chiv isn’t about what Mary and Bob want – but what Cheadle Hulme wants. They love Cheadle Hulme and knew that’s where they had to be. Amazingly, the Chiv is their very first venture into the trade – yet they seem like old hands and are clearly very much ‘at home’. Mary and Bob live locally and are involved with CHADS, just past the Chiv, at the very end of Mellor Road. Seems the Chiv was meant to be. It’s hard work, and all-consuming. They’re still working longer hours than ever – but they’re happier than ever’.

Chiverton Tap

Happy Place

That happiness is evident throughout the Chiv, a real happy place. Early doors brings a friendly, bustling vibe with an eclectic mix of ages, genders, walks of life – and dogs. There’s Stanley, Hugo, Dougie and Bella, Bobby of Sphere Financial Services, poppy, Ruby and Charlie – all known by name to the staff and regulars.Chiverton Tap


The Chiverton Tap, says Mary, is ‘everything we wanted, and more. It’s a lifestyle – and we’ve never known so many people. We’ve never been happier’. And that is the Chiverton Tap in a nutshell. Cheadle Hulme is very happy to have the Chiv, too.

chiverton tap


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