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28 Jun 2018

Sarah Cash lives and breathes her role as an award-winning Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, here in Cheadle Hulme. Her success stories speak for themselves. Literally! Achieving and then maintaining an ideal weight is NOT vanity, actually, it’s vital for good health, wellbeing, and confidence. If you long to keep up an active hobby, or be able to keep up with the kids, then take action now.

Sarah Cash Cambridge Weight Plan

Sarah Cash – Award Winning Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

Tried and Tested

The enthusiasm Sarah brings is infectious and her support invaluable – because she’s been there. Sarah freely admits she ‘tried every diet going’:

“As a teenager, I was always the biggest one in my group of friends. I thought I didn’t mind, but over the years, I realised that my weight stopped me from being who I wanted to be. I had low confidence, hated the clothes I had to wear and would never join in with activities that my children wanted to do.

Then after I had my second child 6 years ago, I discovered Cambridge Weight Plan and it changed my life! I dropped four dress sizes in a short space of time. My confidence soared. I got married wearing a size 12 wedding dress! I was so much happier and so were my kids! I was finally living the life I had always dreamt of!

Cambridge Weight Plan was so simple to follow and because I lost weight SO quickly, it kept me on track until I reached my target weight.”

At her biggest, Sarah weighed 17 stones and wore dress size 22. It’s hard to believe now as she’s so slim, gorgeous and an absolute bundle of fun and energy. She has, she says, found her ‘happy weight’. Clearly – she exudes happiness. And it’s catching!

Sarah Cash Cambridge Weight Plan

Charlotte – another Sarah Cash Cambridge Weight Plan Success Story

Weight is a Health Issue

Being even just a little overweight can impact health, but conversely, weight loss can alleviate symptoms of many common ailments. 63% of adults are considered overweight with, scarily, 25% of the adult population classified as obese by the NHS. It’s a ticking timebomb, as obesity is linked to:

• Heart disease
• Some cancers
• Stroke
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Depression
• Pregnancy or fertility problems
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Asthma
• Liver and Kidney Disease
• Osteoarthritis
• Gallstones

Sarah Cash Can Keep YOU Going

Ever Said ‘I can’t Lose Weight’?

The Cambridge Weight Plan WORKS – it was designed, and is recommended, by doctors. CWP also have their own expert medical team. Sarah says, ‘you can’t NOT lose weight’! In fact, it’s actually been shown to reverse some cases of diabetes. This isn’t some fad diet. Sure, there are some meal replacement options, but CWP brings real food and a realistic exercise programme.

Cambridge Weight Plan Products – Something for Everyone

Cambridge Weight Plan meals are protein and vegetable based, with minimal carbohydrates. The recipes are superb and there’s undoubtedly something for everyone. Tuck into favourites such as Tikka Rice, Spag Bol or a delicious chicken curry. The sweet-toothed can enjoy tempting bars such as  toffee, chocolate, chocolate orange, cranberry, chocolate mint, strawberry and apple, peanut or lemon.

Dream Job with Cambridge Weight Plan

Devoting her career to Cambridge has had many benefits for Sarah, too, so she’d love to take on more consultants.

The Rewards are There with Cambridge Weight Plan

It’s little wonder Sarah is so successful, as she’s not remotely pushy or ‘salesly’. Quite simply, she says, she makes sure to be the consultant she’d want as HER consultant! She has a comfortable and welcoming room at home dedicated to her Cambridge clients, however she’ll also go mobile if that helps. Sarah’s there for you, 24/7.

Changing your weight – and your life – with Cambridge is about more than food. Sarah works with her clients to devise a personalised plan. She’ll look at your lifestyle and discuss your targets. Sarah really connects with her clients and works to find their ‘why’. This way, she really gets to the root of any problem and discovers motivations – it’s like therapy!
Losing weight can be a long journey, but you’re in it together and that makes all the difference. Clients become, and stay, friends.

Sarah Cash Makes a Difference

Are you ready to lose weight forever? Get in touch with Sarah Cash Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant today and a few weeks from now, you’ll be glad you did.



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