Let’s Get Defibrillators Locally

3 Jun 2017

 Cardiac Arrest (when the heart suddenly stops) leads to death within minutes – indeed, the chance of survival decreases by 23% per minute – unless CPR or a defibrillator is used. 

Tragically, cases of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest rarely end well, and in 2013, paramedics attempted to resuscitate TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND cases of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. However, as more people learn first-aid and CPR, and more defibrillators are available, we’re now hearing of happy endings – including the high-profile cases of comedian Ted Robbins and footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Defibrillators Cheadle Hulme

Michael Godfrey – Kate’s husband and 4 children

I Love Cheadle Hulme’s Kate and her four children are raising funds to site defibrillators at sports facilities locally. Kate’s husband Michael – a popular tradesman whose Cheadle Hulme Property Services STILL receives at least 3 calls a week! – collapsed and died following a cardiac arrest while playing football. A defib (AED) may have made all the difference to Michael – they hope to make one available so that they CAN make a difference to someone else’s family.


They’re holding the Mike Godfrey Memorial Football Tournament at Ladybridge Cricket Club, Meadway Road, off Ladybridge Road on 24 June. There promises to be LOADS going on – rides, stalls, an amazing raffle, as well as plenty to eat and drink – entry is free and everyone’s welcome.

The UK Resuscitation Council believes defibrillators should be available anywhere that medical assistance is over five minutes away. Unless you live right next to a hospital, that’s practically everywhere in the UK. As Joanne Thompson, of Cheadle Hulme charity Millie’s Trust says, you have a less than 10% surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with CPR alone – but closer to 75% will survive when treated in time with CPR AND a defibrillator. Don’t worry that you may not know what to do, or that you could inadvertently shock someone who doesn’t need it. This is NOT an issue. Defibrillators are incredibly simple to use, and totally safe. The machine gives clear spoken instructions and automatically detects the heart’s rhythm, so it won’t shock unless necessary.

Recently, several defibrillators have been provided locally but many are only available when the premises is open.

Cheadle Hulme : 

Bramhall :  

*We have tried to make the information gathered about locations as accurate as possible, if any of it is wrong or we are missing a location please get in touch.*

Do you know of any other defibs locally? do they have 24 hours access? Is there anywhere you believe should have one? Are you involved in raising funds to provide one? Please let us know.

Also, remember to let the ambulance service know the location and register your on http://www.heartsafe.org.uk/AED-Locations.

Most people will, thankfully, never need one. I Love Cheadle Hulme wants to help make sure there’s one there if you DO. Kate wants to make sure no-one else’s children lose THEIR dad. Help us make the difference.

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