New Modern Day Nativity Film Praises NHS

8 Dec 2020

A comedy production written by Jane Hamilton from Bramhall is due for release mid-December.

A new comedy Christmas film presenting a hilarious modern day take on the classic Nativity story will hit social media platforms in mid-December.

This film will be available to watch on YouTube and is written by Managing Director of Future Recruitment Ltd in Cheadle Hulme,  Jane Hamilton (45) and is set to become a hit this holiday season with buzz and anticipation already building online.

A nativity set in 2020 with comedy, singing, and dancing, Christmas Story 2020 concludes with a tribute to the NHS and the essential front-line health workers who bravely risked their own wellbeing to keep others in the country safe this year.

Covid restrictions in the UK mean most schools will not produce a Nativity production this year, but Christmas Story 2020 aims to lift spirits and give everyone some much-needed festive cheer.

Jane Hamilton – Writer of Christmas Story 2020 and MD of Future Recruitment

Jane said:

“I had a lot of spare time on my hands during lockdown and started writing a comedy script. I asked a few close friends if they would take part and they all said yes . I then found an amazing company to make the film.The film company helped us to do a Covid style production, we used professional voice over artists to do the characters Boris Johnson and Donald Trump who play the innkeepers in Scene 2.”

“Me and my close friends have all experienced grief this year, and we found it very tough during lockdown, so I wanted to include a special tribute to all the friends and family we have lost this year during the pandemic. I wanted to entertain everyone at Christmas as so many schools had cancelled their nativity plays because of Covid 19.”

“I wanted to create something really special to go in the memory box for my friends and for our children.”

The final edit of Christmas Story 2020 is due for completion by 12th December, and the film’s release date is expected to be shortly after.

Narrated by 12-year old Sam, this new production is guaranteed to bring fun, humour, and enjoyment while pulling on the heart-strings of those unable to take part in or attend Nativity productions this Christmas.  Sam also plays the part of Joseph and his little sister is Mary (so no social distancing problems here!)

Sam – Narrator

Jane is available for media/press interviews and questions via the contact information below. She welcomes all inquiries and hopes to spread the message about her new Christmas film far and wide. With interest already circulating online, Christmas Story 2020 looks set to become the biggest and most popular Nativity production this year.

Future Recruitment Ltd is the UK’s leading agency in the print, packaging, and signage industries. Founded in 2002 by Jane Hamilton, the company employs an experienced team of consultants with a broad professional network covering all areas of the UK.

For all media information, interviews, and questions, please contact Jane Hamilton

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