Oak Tree Primary – Whole School Book Week

1 May 2018

During the last week of term ( w/c 26.3.18) Oak Tree Primary School undertook a whole school book study. From Nursery to Year 6, we all enjoyed reading about the Little House, who originally lived in the countryside, but as the years went by, she became swallowed up by the urban city.

The Little House – by Virginia Lee Burton

Oak Tree Primary - Whole School Book Week

In a set of events mirroring this predicament, Oak Tree Primary School was issued with a ‘compulsory notice’ for the purchase of their playing field and Adventure playground, to make way for a fast food outlet and the development of a small entertainment complex – giving the children a chance to express their views, and let’s just say they must love the school!

Oak Tree Primary - Whole School Book Week

Sparking discussion, debate and a great wealth of work from the children from across the entire school and across a breadth of subject areas, they considered the environmental issues faced by both the Little house and their own immediate circumstances.

Oak Tree Primary - Whole School Book Week

From posters, to persuasive letters, descriptive poetry to diary entries, from questionnaires to campaign leaflets, the children had a wide opportunity to write exactly how they felt about this fast food chain ‘destroying their school’. All their work was excellent – passionate and creative.

Oak Tree Primary - Whole School Book Week

The whole school was buzzing with discussion and this shared experience brought a real sense of community and purpose, leaving with them, unforgettable memories! This project really made children think about more than just their usual studies in the classroom, giving a wider perspective of life.

Oak Tree Primary - Whole School Book Week

Oak Tree Primary School

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