Spotlight on Jane Hamilton from Future Recruitment

7 Mar 2018

In the spotlight is Jane Hamilton, managing director and owner of Future Recruitment to find out more about her work, personal life and what she loves about Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall.

Future Recruitment Ltd is based on Mellor Road in Cheadle Hulme. They are a Recruitment agency specialising in the Printing  & Packaging & Signage Sector. They have been in business 15 years and employ 16 staff and currently recruiting for more trainees to join their team.

Future Recruitment - Jane

Jane Hamilton – Future Recruitment

  • Name: Jane Hamilton
  • Age: 42
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Occupation: Managing Director /Owner

What skills do you need to work in recruitment/your industry/role? You need to be able to multi-task and have a willingness to learn. Computer skills and a good memory

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business? Pay an accountancy firm to deal with all your tax affairs and payroll and vat return. This allows you to concentrate on selling and win new business.

What 3 tips do you have for business success? Plan ahead and set goals, pay your staff well, reward them and thank them for their hard work and save your profits so you don’t stress when the tax bills arrive.

What did you do before you started in recruitment?  I worked in a call centre selling private health insurance.

What was your worst ever job? Trainee Chef. I accidentally pressed the wrong button on a mixer and the flour went all over the head chef! haha

If you ruled the world what changes would you make? I would bring back the 2000 Police officers that Greater Manchester has lost and I would insist on at least 2 patrol cars in each village. I am a very big fan of the neighbourhood alert system and I feel safer now all my neighbours can communicate with each other if we need to help each other. I think classes in schools need to change and we need to prepare the next generation with life skills and social skills. I think Mental Health should be a priority. I would like to inspire more young people to set up their own companies and have that confidence that I was given.

What do you do in your spare time?  Walking, singing and socialising and spending time with my family and friends, my 3-year-old son keeps me busy.

What are your favourite local restaurants and bars? I love The John Millington for Sunday Roast & their live band on Friday nights and I love the wine and the food at Ego in Bramhall.

Where are your favourite holiday destinations?  We go to a beautiful place in Greece called Elounda Gulf Villas, the village is unspoilt and I love Greek food.  I like the Conrad in Portugal too and Vilamoura for nightlife. I also went to Vegas for New Years once that was an amazing experience.

Elounda Gulf Villas

The most famous person you have met?  I have met a few mainly at charity events  Leigh Francis, Ant & Dec, Paul Gascoigne. I have even been on a date with Ronnie Osullivan. I am a big snooker fan!

What do you do to relax?  Massage, reflexology, facials and reading

Best Breakfast Spot? Notcutts, Woodford Garden Centre

The TV programme that you can’t stop watching? McMafia

Your Favourite app? Faceapp

What did you want to be when growing up?  A travel rep

Favourite book?  My Fight to the Top by Michelle Mone

Best Subject? English Worst Subject? Geography

Describe yourself in 3 words? Honest, Kind, Creative

Favourite Joke? Where does Kylie go to buy her burgers?…..Jasons donner van!

What makes you smile? My partner Mike he sometimes gets a nervous laugh which sets me off!

Future Recruitment

If you could retire tomorrow what would you do? I would be a public speaker and travel to schools inspiring children to do well when they leave school with or without good grades.

Favourite local shop?  Modiste in Bramhall as Sue the owner is a great dressmaker and good with alterations.

What is your best childhood memory?  Winning a dancing competition at Butlins!

Who is your celebrity crush? Jamie Redknapp.

Favourite Movie? Beaches

Biggest Achievement?  Buying my dream house 3 years ago thanks to the help of Mosley Jarman in Bramhall

You can read more about Jane’s business, Future Recruitment here

Future Recruitment

Future Recruitment offices on Mellor Rd

Future Recruitment


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