Stopfordian makes Cheadle Hulme safer and more secure with 4-minute response times

22 Aug 2019

A partnership of companies have been a common sight on ‘Cheadle Hulme’ for some time now. But our very own Wendy wanted to go deeper, wanted to find out what they do, how they do it and more importantly what they can do for Cheadle Hulme.

Wendy recently visited the Stopfordian offices in Cheadle Hulme, where she sat down with Director Peter and Managing Director Charley for a Q and A session to find out more about how Stopfordian and West Valley are going from strength to strength and delivering excellence for their customers.


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Wendy: How have Stopfordian and West Valley become the largest provider of security in Cheshire so quickly? And how has the service been made accessible and affordable to all?

Peter: The companies have been run for some years now in a selfless, non-profit making style. Taken very literally, the concept has been that for every new client onboard, there would be an improvement to the foundational structure needed in order to create a genuine British first.

Charley continued: We are now very proud to have reached a stage where those structures are in place. It is that foundation that enables us to offer an industry-shattering, incomparable service. As to accessibility and affordability, as long as those interested in the service live or work within our specific radius, we are sure our risk-scalable pricing structure will suit every size of business or home.


Wendy: How is it possible to have response times that average four minutes, and are there really ten live vehicles constantly patrolling and ready to respond within a ten-mile radius of Cheadle Hulme and other Cheshire locations?

Peter: The response times have improved year on year, as have the number of areas adjacent to each other that have their own dedicated vehicles.The correlation between those facts is clear: two years ago, the average response time was six minutes; now, the average response time is four minutes. Very often our officers are on scene within one to two minutes.

Charley continued: All this would seem unbelievable unless one understood that there are vehicles dedicated to individual areas, all within a specific radius. Naturally, they support each other, which is key. Of course, even if an area had its own vehicle, that would be good – but not good enough. It needs support, that’s why the company has been built so that we are always ahead of the curve.

Peter went on to qualify: When it comes to the number of vehicles and resources set against the ever increasing demand, it becomes a mathematical equation: demands, plus resource, plus distance equals the best response times in the UK, bar none.


Wendy: How is it possible to look after clients and their families, not just at home, but while they are out and about, anywhere in the heart of Cheshire?

Peter confirmed: The constant re-investment which has now made all this possible has led the company to its true goal of bringing a genuine British first to Cheshire. There is no other company capable of looking after its clients at work, at home and everywhere in between – something of which we are rightly proud. When a client leaves the security of their home, they may turn left, their partner turn right and their children go straight on: what happens now?

Charley explained: Any other company would say: “Well, of course we respond to the alarm on the house should it go off; however, when clients leave the house, they are on their own. We say: “No, that’s just not good enough.” We respond to the human beings, the whole family – because nothing is more important. Our clients can count on the fact that wherever they are in the heart of Cheshire, should an issue arise, they can make contact with our 24-hour control room, who will deploy the manpower and resources required to keep them safe.

Peter added: It is worthy of note that we don’t charge for callouts to alarms and we don’t charge for callouts to the human beings. This is because we want to make sure that people aren’t worried about using the service and understand that our primary goal is to keep our clients safe. We believe that peace of mind is what our clients value most.

“After spending some time with the team and seeing and hearing for myself, I couldn’t argue… and became a client!  I now have the peace of mind that comes with being a customer. Whether out and about in Cheshire, or alone at home, I am guaranteed personal safety and home protection at all times.” – Wendy


When it comes to looking after both home and business security across Cheshire, Stopfordian and West Valley really know their stuff. A recent expansion means that the security company can offer an even more efficient service, with a response time of four minutes on average – so impressive that our own Wendy has recently become a happy customer!

With ten live vehicles on constant patrol within a ten-mile radius of areas like Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Prestbury, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow, Stopfordian has swiftly become Cheshire’s largest security provider, looking after clients and their families not just at home, but while they are out and about, too.

There’s no need to fill in lots of details, you can simply enter your name and telephone number here and they will do the rest. You can rest assured that with Stopfordian and West Valley, your safety is our priority.




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