The Chiverton Tap are breaking down the waste

7 Jun 2017

The Chiverton Tap have launched compostable drinking straws and want other bars to follow suit.

You may have recently read about the latest issue with regards to plastic straws. If you haven’t, we’ll get you up to speed.
The Chiverton Tap

A recent BBC article described straws as ‘the ultimate in human wastefulness’ as they have an average life span of around 20 minutes before they are thrown away.

Most pubs and bars don’t bother separating out used straws to recycle because it’s fiddly and -frankly – they’ve been in the mouth of a stranger.

Well, The Chiverton Tap decided to breakdown the waste!

Their straws will now be supplied by a company called Vegware, who are the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally. Their elegant and stylish black cocktail straws. Can be discarded in food waste along with lemon or lime wedges – no need to sort!

Chiverton Tap

They also have our brand-new Gin Goblets so you can now enjoy your Gin in style.

They continuously trying to improve and make a difference!

chiverton tap

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