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30 Nov 2021

Winners Strength and Wellbeing Studios in Cheadle was launched by Chloe Blair, a passionate PT who herself has had her own journey of mental and physical struggles. Having retrained in her late 30’s, Chloe has been a PT for less than two years and very quickly realized that there are very few spaces where women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels and religions can feel comfortable training together. Spaces that are non-judgmental, that teach women how to use weights properly and that promote fitness being more about the mind than the body.

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Chloe Blair says:

As a PT, I recognize that the fitness industry ostracizes many women who actually need it. Gyms can be intimidating for many women and access to mental health resources are often limited. My aim is to create a space that tackles both issues. A space where women feel comfortable to push their fitness limits whatever level they are, and where they can get access to wellbeing workshops to help give them the tools to live a more positive and confident life.

Everything we do is all about inclusivity, no matter what shape, size or fitness level; we bring women together to make them realise that no-one is better than anyone else, every single woman is just at a different stage of their own journey.

Since launching, we have witnessed how important the women-only studio has become.  It is viewed as a safe space to train and work out, and as such all the members are so friendly and welcoming. We have many Muslim members who feel at ease to take off their head scarves, we have mothers and daughters who train together and currently our members range from 18 – late 60s who all train side-by -side. We provide  around 45 different fitness classes each week for our members, including LIFT, BURN, CORE, FLEX, GAIN, ASHTANGA YOGA, SLOW YOGA, POWER YOGA, and BOXX.

Winners Studios have recently launched their first Mother and Baby course where women can bring their babies to weekly Yoga, baby massage and fitness classes. Next year also sees the launch of their brand-new teen course, classes for teenage girls between the ages of 11-15 introducing them to exercise using dumbbells and resistance bands whilst promoting confidence and positivity.

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Chloe concludes;

“The success of the classes is evident, but I want to do more. I will introduce regular wellbeing talks in 2022 and as part of the company’s development, I hope to link up with local mental health services as well as the NHS so that Winners Strength & Wellbeing Studios becomes a place of referral for those prescribed fitness as part of their mental health rehabilitation. We are working on  building up the Wellbeing side of the company, with this in mind the next 12-18 months are going to be very exciting – watch this space!” 

Written by Winners Fitness

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